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Friday, July 2, 2010

Some Panini World Cup Singles

World Cup quarters start today so here's some stickers I got at Atlanta Sports Cards. You can get two packs of 8 stickers for $1.50 each or 20 loose stickers for $3. I chose quantity over randomness and picked out some shineys and my three favorite teams. First up:

Jabulani! Now we all know that all the weird goals and bungles scoring opportunity are not the ball's fault. The ball has nothing on all the blind, brain dead sociopathic referees out there. Do they get a sticker? Hell naw.

Here's Zakumi the precocious lion? cheetah? Jonas Brother? mascot. This critter is on just about every page of the album as he shows up in the team colors of the nation on that page. This one is in his official uniform (even though he's not holding the official ball) and is surrounded by holographic fireworks. Oh wait, LEOPARD. Spots. Aaaaahh, got it. Zakumi the leopard.

I have the other half of the South Africa logo and my OCD was driving me nuts until I found this half to past in the book.

Here's the teams I got:

ITALIA!!! Oh wait, I mean italia... after that miserable performance.

USA! USA! USA! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS! How the heck do you lose to Ghana two cups straight anyway?

The looks on these guys' faces pretty much sums up the performance of England 2010. Wayne played like Andy.

This confused the hell out of me. A couple of the stickers I picked up had blue backs. Panini parallels?? Who cares, they're stuck.

Notice how all three of my teams failed with various levels of spectacularness? The team that wasn't supposed to be any good actually did the best of all three. Time for me to find another team to root for. Maybe...




SpastikMooss said...

Michael Caine is always a good choice.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Interestingly, 3 of the 4 England stickers you got scored their goals (Ferdinand was injured and did not play).

As for your other losers - well, that's what you get for backing Mexico (ha ha)

I have some Panini to trade, but you might end up a dark horse winning the contest with David Villa as top scorer ...

we'll see.


sruchris said...


That must have been one lousy A&G box if World Cup stickers are taking precedence!

dayf said...

All of Brazil is Michael Caine today.

sruchris - very busy with scanning, sorting and writing. And, unfortunately, my real job. I'll get a post up by tonight.

I normally don't see the verification words but deesquis? Wow.