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Monday, July 5, 2010

Random stream of conciousness thoughts on today's game

I have GOT to start leaving at least two hours before first pitch. Period. I dawdled today, left an hour and a half before game time and got off the exit to Turner field just in time to see the flyover. We got to our seats in time to see the beginning of the second inning, but alas, the score was pretty much settled by then.

I always screw up parking. If I don't flat out miss the exit, I end up in the wrong lane for my lot or end up trying to get into a permit only lot. Today I turned too early and ended up in a $20 ripoff lot. The bright side is it was right next to the interstate so getting on the road was actually pretty easy.

I found out there was a $3 surcharge on tickets bought the day of the game. It might have been just for this game though - I've never seen that before. I'd rather give the Braves my money instead of Ticketmaster getting it anyway.

In my haste to get into the game I forgot to gawk over Maddux's newly retired number. I regret that.

I didn't even bother to check out the gift shop for cards. Again, I need to be getting there early for this stuff. I did get my son one of those foam #1 hands ($10?!?) and remembered to hit the penny squisher this time.

The seats were way up there on the first base side. They worked out well for three reasons:
  1. I got aisle seats with a decent view of the first base side and it wasn't a hassle to get up when we wanted.
  2. We were directly facing the fireworks that were shot off above the Club 755 level  and we were high enough so they were just about right in front of us.
  3. Scantily clad women EVERYWHERE and up and down those steps all day. If I had a dollar for every time I saw cleavage today I'd have eleventy bazillion dollars. Seveny bazillion after taxes. 

Whenever I arrive late to a game I never get my GameDay program at the gate. I always manage to scrounge a discarded one in the stands though.

There were lots of guys resting today. Conrad, Hinske, Diaz and Blanco all got starts. Chipper got in the game late thankfully. 

The fans were somewhat subdued today. I think the heat got to us a little. That and the lack of offensive threats.

Huddy was dealing. I don't know what he did in the first to give up the two runs that ultimately decided the game, but he didn't deserve a loss today.

Ricky Nolasco didn't deserve to lose either though and he didn't. Strikeouts everywhere! Gosh!

Friggin Uggla. #@$%!!

We wandered up to the Coca-Cola Sky field after the 5th inning. Got there just in time to see Big Mac's homer.

For the second straight year, my son ran the base up there at the Coca-Cola pavillion. also for the second straight year, I tried to video it and somehow buggered it up. The camera's supposed to go when you hit the START button, right?!?

The new Coke Bottle sucks, I don't care if it has a video screen on it now. Bring back the old one with all the baseball equipment on it.

Big ovation when announcing the All Stars. J-Hey got the hugest ovation. That man owns this town already. 

Moments after scolding my kid for not getting his drink out of the way of the aisle while people were trying to pass, I dropped a peanut shell onto the guy sitting in front of me. D'oh!

Biggest ovation: Chipper Jones coming in to pinch hit for Hinske in the 8th.
Biggest boo: The Marlins intentionally walking Chipper.

Jersey Totals:
Heyward #22 and Jones #10 were in abundance. The two were neck and neck for the battle for #1 most worn jersey. 
I only saw one #7 Frenchy jersey THANK GOD. There were dozens being worn last game.
McCann was well represented. As was Hudson. Also saw Prado, Escobar, Hanson. No Glaus, Wagner or Jurrjens which surprised me.
Old School representin': Aaron, Murphy, Glavine, McGriff A. Jones. No Smoltz.
Most anachronistic jersey seen: Fred McGriff red Sunday alternate jersey. 
Soccer football jerseys beat American football jerseys 3-1. The one American Football jersey was a bootleg Falcons #7.

Vuvuzelas: 1. It was kinda weak. They must only be annoying when they number in the thousands.

Final Score: Marlins 3, Braves 2. Disappointing, the pitching was solid but the bats just weren't there today. Still a good game, can't complain about it.

After the game there was an hour or so before it got dark enough to shoot the fireworks. I guess they started at 5:00pm just in case the Braves decided to do another 20 inning game on the 4th. To fill the time before it got dark they had a band play. Yacht Rock Revue.  OH. MAH. GAWD. AM GOLD. The cheese! It burns! Even Worse: I LIKED HALF THE SONGS THEY PLAYED. Good Lord I am old.

The fireworks: awesome as usual. No shrapnel hit the seats causing small fires this time. The song list leaned a little to country for my tastes, but country is practically their marketing plan right now.

My favorite song to hear fireworks to: Stars and Stripes Forever. I love me some Sousa.

Cracker Jack Prize:

Benjamin Franklin foldee. Highly appropriate for today, no?


AdamE said...

I can't think of a better way to spend the 4th than at the ballpark enjoying America's game.

deal said...

Real solid game review. I can never get mine up in a timely manner. Perhaps I will post one following the Braves @ Phils gm on Weds Night.

Was the booted Jersey a Ron Mexico?

threeupdwn said...

When I went to Turner on the 28th, cards were, as expected outragous. Topps Series One retail was $5.00. A rack pack (with gum!) was $10.00. Even the Topps Attax booster was $3.99. http://threeupdown.blogspot.com/

BA Benny said...

Great game review. A great day for a game. Sorry to say the Mets needed that loss to pick up a game but it's hard for me to root for the Marlins.

paulsrandomstuff said...

Sounds like a fun time. I don't get my fireworks game until tonight.