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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Minis from Thorzul

Thorzul hates trade posts, but I'm pissed at the Brewers right now, so nyaaaah. I don't strictly consider this a trade post anyway because Thorzul and I don't so much as trade as send each other random junk out of the blue every so often. The package consisted of two Topps Unique rookies who might get their own post one day, a small pile of Braves that immediately went into a pile to send another blogger and three minis. One of which is my...


I like everything about this card. The flag, the dog, the fonts, the gold border, the forest down at the bottom, the kudzu running up the sides, the text on the back, the horizontal orientation of the photo, the card stock, the slight glossiness on the front, the ink. There is nothing bad about this card.

In addition to the magnificent canine card, Thorzul sent a couple of minis destined to be placed in my 2006-2010 Allen & Ginter combination mini FrankenSet. I place cards in the set based on strict criteria. Best player/subject, black borders, SPs, A&G backs and Braves all get preferential treatment. These two minis stack high in the rankings.

Here's Tommy Black Border looking like a painting in the Louvre. Nothing could possibly keep this card out of my FrankenSet. Or so I thought.

No freaking way I'm bumping Albert Einstein. Tommy will have to settle for going in my Braves mini collection instead.

Here's Nate McLouth, fresh off the DL. Nate is a high numbered short print so he should get in the set easy, right? Uh uh.

Pwned by Cap Anson. I'm honestly as surprised as anyone that these two got left out of the set. I'm tempted to scratch out the number on Hanson's card and change it to 17 so I can bump Jhonny Peralta from the binder. The FrankenSet is serious business however and must remain pure. Thanks to Thorzul for the swag. Someone out there should honor such a noble collector and blogger and help him finish off his Series two Topps set.


paulie3jobs said...

Hanson used a little too much rouge the morning that picture was taken.

Cardsplitter said...

I love the Frankenset idea. I am going to steal it, although I will rename it the Junkiset.

Hmm. Maybe not. Cunkiset?

ernest of canada said...

i heartily agree with you about the canine card although it needs a companion winston churchill mini.