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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joy of a completed Page - Sort of

My recently acquired Alvin Dark filled up another page in my 1953 Topps binder.

Well, sort of. Look closely at John Antonelli. Look a little off? That's because I scanned the one in my Braves binder and printed it out to fill the hole in the page. It's one thing to collect two cards of a player from about the 1970's onward if you want one for the base set and one for the team set. That's overkill for sets from the '50s in my opinion. It displays well enough and I scanned front and back so it looks good from both sides. I went way overboard with this binder though as you can see from this next page of High numbers.

For cards I didn't have I found a decent scan on eBay. pasted them all in a word document and edited the images to print the proper size. Then I printed the document out in black & white, cut out the 'cards' and placed them in my binder as a filler until I can get the actual card. You'll notice that Carlos and Bill are black & white while Willie is in color.that's was a judgment call on my part. There are several cards in this set I will probably never track down in my price range and the high numbered short printed (yes there are short prints in the high numbers)of Willie Freaking Mays is one I will probably not come across in a bargain bin. So I cheated and printed it out in color and pasted it on card stock.

Before you think I'm a madman, so far I've only done this for my '53 Topps set and some of the teams in my vintage Braves binder.  I might do it with my '56 Topps binder next though, if I can ever find the time to do anything ever again.

By the way, one of these cards in the high-numbered page is one I got at the card show on Thursday. Can you guess which one?


Hackenbush said...

Very cool pages and I like your idea of the picture placeholders. It reminds me of some premium stamp sheets my Dad used to have that had b&w pictures of all the stamps with a plastic sheet for the stamp on top.

Don said...

The Roy Face looks beautiful. Was that your pickup?

dayf said...

Don: You are correct, sir!

Cardboard Icons said...

What a GREAT idea on printing the cards in black and white ... I might have to steal that idea.