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Saturday, July 3, 2010

The FrankenSet awakens from its slumber

Now that 2010 Allen & Ginter is live and in my greedy little hands, I can start adding once again to my Allen & Ginter mini card FrankenSet. If you're not familiar with the concept of the FrankenSet, it's when a collector takes a bunch of similar sets that he has no hope of completing and merges them all into a giant unholy mess of a set where the only thing tying the cards together is the fact that they are somewhat similar in design and all have sequential card numbers. I have created three FrankenSets so far, but this was my first and favorite monstrosity.

I think I was inspired my Ben Henry's best of 1980's Topps concoction The 792, but while his was an exercise in checklisting, necessity was the mother of my invention. I had a massive pile of A&G minis and no shot of completing any one years' set. But by combining them all together... why, then I had a chance! I sorted them all 1-350, picked my favorite from each number and put 'em all in pages. I only need 74 more minis, but I could do with upgrades in many of the subjects. No, I'm not posting a list. I want this set to grow organically. I now have twenty-five more minis that might be able to fill a hole or bump another card. I shall spend much of the weekend getting my box break in order so I can finally add some new cards to the FrankenBinder.

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Cardsplitter said...

A brilliant idea.

And looking at that page, it certainly looks like Topps really phoned it on for the ol' A&G this year. Which makes perfect sense, since it is probably its most popular product.

Stupid Topps.