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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The 792: Gallery 109-126

Let's see if I can knock out the cards up to #150 before the holiday. I still have a third of a box of Bowman Heritage to use as a carrot to get me posting, so I think it can be done. Go to The Baseball Card Blog for Ben's commentary to complete the experience.

109. Mike Scott, 1981
110. Carl Yastzremski, 1981*
111. Carlton Fisk In Action, 1982
112. Les Lancaster, 1988 (RC)
113. Neil Allen, 1987
114. Mike Brown, 1986
115. Rickey Henderson, 1985
116. Mike Stanley, 1987 (RC)
117. Pete Falcone, 1981*
118. Expos Future Stars, 1982
119. Sammy Stewart, 1980
120. Kirby Puckett, 1988
121. Garry Templeton, 1989
122. John Denny, 1981
123. John Kruk, 1987 (RC)
124. Damaso Garcia, 1984
125. Andre Dawson, 1981*
126. Joe Torre, 1983 (MGR)

Bonus card #1: I think Ben is referring to Joe's 1984 card in his commentary. He looks infinitely more goofy in that card. Even if he meant 1983, it gives me an excuse to post another card of Joe in a Braves uni. Hey Ben, the '84 Torre is card number 502 so you have a chance to correct any mistakes...

Bonus card #2: What the hell is Bill Russell doing up there under Mike Stanley's name?? I was wondering the exact same thing when I was creating the post. I pulled out my SCD phonebook and there it was under 1987 Topps: 116 Mike Stanley .05. Now my mind was really blown. Did I just find an ultra-rare variation or something? Can anything in 1987 Topps ever be ultra-rare? I grabbed my Alphabetical checklist and looked up Mike Stanley. There it was, 87TopTra-116T. Aha. Mike is in the traded set. Ben and I must have the same SCD catalog or else they've never corrected the error. I don't have many singles from that traded set, but Mike is one of them. Enjoy...

*Thanks again to reader Greg for providing these scans.

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Kevin said...

As I've had my duplicates laying around for the past few weeks, waiting to be sorted, that 1988 Topps Les Lancaster has been staring back at me and has bored straight through my skull. All that I can say is that he belong in the Dirt 'Stache Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Dayf- Good catch on the Mike Stanley/Bill Russell card. I had no idea-and I profess to 1987 Topps like the back of my hand. Shows how much I know!

Anonymous said...

Hmm....anyone else think that Mike Scott looks a lot like Mike Piazza?