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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why this is a great time to be alive

Thanks to Google Translator, we can read baseball trade rumors from Japan in the most brilliant garbled language you can possibly imagine.

Masashi Kobayashi FA exercise the Braves win move

A total of 227 saves Lotte pitcher Masahide Kobayashi (33) is two days, at a press conference in Chiba Marine Stadium, FA (free agent) expressed its intention to exercise the right. Lotte is the future, including domestic, American baseball a view to negotiating a transfer, American officials ball, "Braves survey Moving" and several major teams have shown interest. At the time of a high salary is neck in the national team to win the negative, or residual, or a major situation. Seven years in a row 20 saves over Japan holds the record for a Japanese representative closer to the possibility of crossing the sea came.


Masashi Kobayashi's expressed by the American baseball official said, "Braves move in the investigation" and明KASHITA. In season from the Scouts have repeatedly inspect the background, and the relief team to win in the low positive. Mariners win in transit may have to move, several major teams have shown interest. Terms of the season will also record from the high salary of view on the market has gone down.

I'm not sure why the Braves are looking for a closer when they have Rafael Soriano. It's still really fun to be able to see these primary sources from overseas even though you have to do a little mental gymnastics to figure out what the article is talking about. Actually it's fun because you have to bend your mind to understand it.

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