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Friday, November 2, 2007

Topps gets out Toppsed

Upset that after 2008 Topps Series One there will be no more Mantle Home Run cards to pull since Mickey's unlikely to hit any more?

Miserable because Generation Now inexplicably didn't make it back into next's year's product?

Despondent that Topps will only be able to insert the A-Rod Bullshit Waste of Space set into a few more sets where it completely doesn't belong?

Well perk up my friends, because Upper Deck is going to make you forget all about those piddling little insert sets. Feast your eyes on this:

Ho Hum, another Babe Ruth insert. So what? Here's so what. Download the Powerpoint presentation if you dare and behold in awe the specs for this 2008 Upper-Deck cross brand insert set. For those with weak hearts, I will transcribe:

Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy

Upper Deck celebrates all 85 historic years of Yankee Stadium with the Greatest insert set ever created. With one card for every game played in Yankee Stadium, no set will ever tell a more complete story of this legendary baseball landmark.

But wait, here's the good part:

Base Set: 7500 Regular Cards, the Largest Insert Set Ever Created

Seventy five hundred cards.

Let me repeat: and insert set with seventy five HUNDRED cards.

One more time with feeling: SEVENTY Five HuNdReD Cards!

Over nine 2008 sets! Holy crap!!! One card for every game played at Yankee Stadium. This isn't a continuity set, this is the Bataan death march! If the normal insert set is like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, then this set is Shoah.
This is something like five times more cards than one of every SportsFlics card ever produced.You know those boxes in your closet, the ones that hold all your complete Topps sets from 1983-1991? Plus a couple of Traded sets for good measure? THIS IS BIGGER THAN THAT!!! But wait, there's more:

Yep gamers, autos and buybacks too. Goodness Gracious Me. My thoughts:

Please Lord, don't let this be 1000 cards each from Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Jackson and Jeter all looking exactly the same. If Upper Deck puts 1000 Yogi Berra cards in there, I'm totally fine with that though.

Will it be all superstars or will there be guys like Snuffy Stirnweiss, King Kong Keller, Tommy Heinrich, Allie Reynolds, Jim Bouton, Chris Chambliss and Oscar Gamble in there too?

I don't know how you can do a Yankees set without Mickey Mantle. I wonder if it would be cheating to cut out the picture on one of my numerous Topps Mantle Home Run #1 cards and paste it onto one of these...

Will people really be interested in pulling a card of this game?

After the 7th set of pulling this stuff, will we still like it or will we cringe like we do when pulling that oh so familiar red foilboard card?

Gotta hand it to Upper Deck. I don't know how well this set will go over, especially in Boston, but they have some colossal swinging cojones to even attempt something as crazy as this.


Chris Harris said...

If this doesn't destroy the "mirror" concept once and for all, I don't know what will. And for that, I am grateful to Upper Deck for the Yankee Stadium Legacy set.

--David said...

So, in 2009, we should expect a Wrigley set? As a Triber, I feel slighted that a set like this wasn't done for Municipal.. And as a 'Burgh native, I feel really ticked off that Three Rivers did not get such attention. I'm never buying another UD card again! (pouts lips) - Well, okay, I will still buy them for my collection, but I won't be happy about it! (Well, yeah, I will be, but I'll pretend real hard!)

The Baseball Card Snob said...

How many of these sets will there be at 7500 cards each set? How many of these cards will be inserted into packs? I'm trying to get my head around the math involved here, but it is too much.

God bless anyone who tries to complete this thing. I'm a Yankee fan but this way over the top

Thomas Depugh said...

I need 900 cards to complete the set. Anybody out there want to trade? have several thousand duplicates