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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upper Deck Redeemed

Remember that post a few days ago about the redemption card? Well, here it is:

I put the redemption code in their website at about 2am on November 4th and here it is in my scanner 10 days later. With weekends and the holiday, that's a turnaround of about 5 or 6 business days. Not bad at all. It's a sticker auto, but it looks nice on the card so who cares. I wasn't planning to try to pull Jeter's fingerprint off the card from where he touched it to sign. Here's the back with Richard McWilliam's auto:

Now that I look at it, Richard's autograph may actually be a facsimile. That's probably a good thing, anyone with a signature that tiny would be very high strung. I never realized that Upper Deck put their kids codes on the backs of Autos and gamers as well as the base cards. Don't swipe that code now, that would be cheating. All in all, an awesome card with a fantastic turnaround from 5909 Sea Otter Place. But wait! There's more....

A three card pack of what appears to be a Tony Gwynn tribute. The front has a "Celebration of 20 Seasons" logo and a note from Tony thanking the fans of San Diego. Here's the back of the pack:

Looks like a 2001 UD card. There's another card in the middle that also might be an '01 card. Anyone know what I have here? From Tony's note it looks like it may have been a giveaway at a late season Padres game honoring Gwynn his last year in San Diego. My SCD phonebook is the 2002 edition so I don't have any late season 2001 products in the price guide. Probably time for me to pick up a new edition don't you think? No matter what it is, it's a cool bonus of a super player. Good Job, Upper Deck, you have no redemption complaints from me.


--David said...

Excellent deal ya got on that one! The card looks great, the turnaround time was stellar, and you got bonus cards to boot! I'd call that one sweet triple play! Oh, wait, that's a trademark of another company... :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that is SWEET!

Great auto, fast delivery and a free bonus to boot. Its kind of like jumbo sizing your combo meal without paying the extra .39 cents.

Anonymous said...

I got one of those Autofacts. I think it was a box loader from SPx or something. What an ugly design.

-Wax Heaven