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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Topps Shortprint nonsense

More Alex Gordon bullshit going on in the new Topps.

Via Stale Gum, Beckett is reporting that some dude busting 20 cases of new Topps Series 3 AKA Updates & Highlights found 2 unannounced cards, #UH100 Jacoby Ellsbury and some squirrel #SQ1 Poley Walnuts.

The Jacoby card is already getting mentioned on the message boards and some fool has bid up an auction to $200 on eBay.

It can't be
that shortprinted if I've already got one. (Pack #13 of the 15 pack bust that I still haven't finished posting)

At least I didn't get the stupid Squirrel.


Topps screwed up not once but twice on Joba Chamberlain rookies! We have an '89 Upper Deck Dale Murphy thing going down with a reverse negative picture, and factory sets supposedly have a Joba with the Houston Astros for the team name. As expected, people are freaking out about this one too. To be honest, the Jobas look like photoshop to me. I'm not very trusting though.

Meh. We'll see what happens with all this crap as it shakes out the next week or two. If this causes the price of hobby packs to skyrocket and blasters to vaporize off the shelves before I can get my set, I'm gonna be pissed. If anybody wants my super-rare Honus Wagner knocks up Alex Gordon and they have a short printed lovechild card it's up for trade. All I want in return is a 1954 Topps Hank Aaron. Hey man! This shit's super rare! So pony up the Hammer if you want it so bad.

Update: Poley Walnuts. Ah. A Sopranos pun. How droll.

Updated update: I've never heard of the Alay Soler card before today. Weird.

Yet Another Update: That freakin' squirrel is even being mentioned in blogs in Japan!


Chris Harris said...

Did you ever get the feeling that Topps just stopped trying?

--David said...

Sigh.... So much for a "new, improved" Topps...