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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Slowest Box Break Ever: Part 3, Packs 5-8

I've done a lot of scanning this weekend, so I get to open packs. Here's four more from my slowest box break ever.

85 Carlos Zambrano
141 Carlos Quentin
183 rainbow Ian Kinsler
BHP24 Leo Daigle
BHP84 Jarrett Hoffpauir
207 Yunel Escobar RC
31 Rich Hill
135 Rocco Baldelli

Ok pack, not much special in here except for the Yunel Escobar RC. Cubs pitchers will be special when they can actually win a meaningful game. Rocco Baldelli is on the trade block yet again. The MLB Trade Rumors archives show that the Rays might have had Yunel, Jarrod Saltalamaccia and maybe Kyle Davies for Rocco last year, but they wanted more and wouldn't trade. Holy Bleeping Bleep.

Pack 6:
161 Jeff Suppan
33 Jeff Kent
28 rainbow Bobby Crosby
BHP56 Henry Sosa
BHP12 Dellin Betances
229 Kei Igawa RC
91 Ryan Garko
191 Kenji Johjima

Jeff Kent is my first double, Although I pulled the other one in a pack from a different box. Neither of prospects in this pack have middle names. You notice these things whien you don't know who any of these people are. Ryan Garko is the first gimmicky background card I've pulled knowing it's been altered. Can you find the photoshop? I don't mind the shenanigans in this set, they don't appear to be short printed and they are actually kind of fun. I'm praying I pull an Adam Dunn card just for the Bily Mumy reference.

Pack 7:
177 Jim Edmonds
73 Jeremy Hermida
PG-LG Luis Emilio Gonzalez bat card
BHP32 Brad Knox
BHP94 Evan Englebrook
224 Mark Reynolds RC
123 Jason Schmidt
151 Orlando Hernandez

I live blogged this pack over on A Pack A Day, so you can read about it there. The commenters were far more excited about my Descendents reference than the relic I pulled so here's some blatant pandering:

Pack 8:
69 Brian McCann
238 no sig Glen Perkins RC SP
195 rainbow John Lackey
BHP50 Luke Hochevar
BHP44 Christopher Coghlan
205 Hector Jimenez
127 John Maine
67 Aaron Rowand

Jeff Francouer is the golden child, I have a man crush on Mark Teixeira, but Brian McCann is the one locked up in a long term contract. McCann's the one who is still going to be on the team in three years. I love you, Brian McCann, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I will not hide my love! I love Brian McCann!!! Ahem. Back to the cards, here's another no sig SP. Thank goodness the variations are discernible this year. Luke Hochevar is the first prospect pulled that I know who he is on first glance. Unless Rowand signs with the Braves (and he won't) the rest of the cards are just marks on a checklist.

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