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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trading Mania

Note: I'm bumping this post up to the top until this weekend so it doesn't get lost in the flood of 792s. Check for new stuff down below.

Before they were high end certified guaranteed authenticated serial numbered collectible short printed autogamer relic sports memorabilia cards, they were good 'ol trading cards. That was the whole point, getting a bunch of cards and trading to complete your set or to get a pile of those Joe Schlabotnik cards you so desperately wanted. The art of haggling for the best trade isn't really focused on or even encouraged in today's hobby. There's still a few traders out there though and here's a few blogs that are doing their best Monty Hall impression and just begging you to Make a Deal.

First up is Brandon from Trade Me a Better Card who is trying to Red Paper Clip a 1986 Steve Jeltz card into a T206 Honus Wagner. He's already traded up to a '94 Fleer A-Rod rookie, so if you really need that Rodriguez make him an offer! Seriously, someone make him an offer before I do. Trade him something vintage so I can then grab it. Preferably Braves.

Kevin is taking the concept a step further and seeing if he can trade off doubles to complete a 1965 Topps set in The Great 1965 Topps Project. He's already listed a truckload of cards for trade and I spy a couple on there I want. Come on and help a fellow collector out with those '65 Topps doubles that are filling up your boxes.

David at Indians Baseball Cards. Always. isn't being as specific with his trade wants. He'll take almost anything with an Indian Logo and he's giving away Goudey cards in return. I wonder if a Classic Yellow Cory Snyder counts as oddball?

Finally, if you don't have a Honus Wagner, any 1965 cards and you just can't bear to part with your prized 1975 Topps Rico Carty card but you still want to make a trade, well Thorzul has a deal for you! He doesn't even care what he gets back, he just wants to trade off his Topps Updates & Highlights Red Backs. Trade him anything!

So go on and get trading! You can take a break from busting case after case of new product to make an old fashioned deal.

(my want list is over there-----> if anyone's interested)


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a Joe Schlabotnik rookie card. Got any to trade? :)

--David said...

Thanks for the shout out! I've had several folks respond so far, and I know (or have a good feeling) it's because of the mention of my Tribe Tradeaway on here! :-)