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Monday, November 5, 2007

Major Trade Announcement

I looked high and low for the "CANNONBALL!" clip from Anchorman on the internet but I couldn't find it. I'll just have to jump right into this announcement then.

Blogs Cardboard Junkie and Thorzul Will Rule have completed a multi-player swap to kick off hot stove season. Thorzul sends 6 cards from the 2007 Allen and Ginter set plus 3 Dick Perez inserts to Atlanta, while the Junkie sends a 2007 Topps Own The Game Jermaine Dye, two Distinguished Service inserts and a Robin Yount to be named later in return. The two also swapped two undisclosed draft Packs, to be opened soon on A Pack A Day.

Buster Olney reports this trade as a win-win for both sides, as critical holes in their lineups were addressed with the swap. Or he would, if he knew about the trade and cared.

In other news, The Cardboard junkie is down to needing 23 11 9 cards for the 2007 A&G set, and is not ashamed to beg. Any trade offers considered. And if you suggest SportLots in the comments, please tell me how to use the site. That place confuses me.

19 Mario Andretti
26 PT Barnum
65 Andy Marte
133 Carlos Gomez
141 Brian McCann
158 Jason Kendall
177 Rafael Furcal
180 Alfonso Soriano
191 Jeremy Hermida
195 Mike Piazza
207 Chris Burke
209 Randy Johnson
219 Dan Uggla
234 Joe Crede
235 Barry Zito
248 Ron Washington
252 Bud Black
266 Freddy Garcia
272 Mia Hamm
283 Chris Capuano
295 Jake Peavy

Dick Perez
24 Raul Ibanez
28 Michael Young

Since you read through my list, you are hereby rewarded with some highlights from Brick for your efforts.



Dylan Sharek said...

I've got the Raul Ibanez Dick Perez. It's nothing special, just the regular insert.

Dylan Sharek said...

I've also got the Soriano.

--David said...

I've got the Perez Ibanez and a Crede mini... Want 'em?

Bayside Baller said...

I've got the following cards for you: 19,65,141,158,177,

Here is a list of what I need (Rest of the site still under construction).

Chris Harris said...


dayf said...

Thanks for the offers guys, just shoot me an e-mail and we'll work out a trade.