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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Slowest Box Break Ever: Part 4, Packs 9-12

Finding, scanning, editing and posting 100 cards=opening 4 more packs. You didn't believe me when I said slowest box break ever, did you...

Pack 9:
1 Jeff Francouer
251 Joba Chamberlain RC
151 rainbow Orlando Hernandez
BHP66 Steve Singleton
BHP92 Jim Fasano
245 Travis Buck RC
155 Jimmy Rollins
23 Carlos Delgado
No less than three of the cards with gimmick backgrounds in this pack. You'd have to be a baseball historian to know that was Ebbets Field in Delgado's card, you'd have to be blind to miss the Liberty Bell on Jimmy Rollins' card, and you could go blind finding the edit on Joba's card. All but the Joba are doubles from the first pack I opened but who cares, Ill take all the Frenchies I can get. I don't get the whole Joba rules thing. 'Joba Rules' sounds like a bad Disney Channel sitcom to me.

Pack 10:
26 Javier Vazquez
157 Jason Varitek
243 Hideki Okajima no sig RC
135 rainbow Rocco Baldelli
BHP54 Trevor Cahill
BHP96 Gregory Porter
47 Mark Teixeira
71 Gary Matthews

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Last Bowman Heritage set ever and Mark Teixeira is in a Rangers uniform! I'm so depressed........ Next pack.

Pack 11:
37 JD Drew
181 Ichiro
67 rainbow Aaron Rowand
BHP38 Jay Garthwaite
BHP46 JR Mathes
244 Adam Lind RC
75 David Ortiz
35 Alfonso Soriano
Two more 'fun' background cards in this pack: Ichiro has the background from Duke Snider's 1952 Bowman card while Big Papi shares his background with Johnny Pesky's '52 card. It would have been nice if Topps had reprinted some of these original cards as an insert so we could compare, because '52 Sniders aren't all that easy to come by. It's still a really cool idea for the set. Another pack loaded with stars, but it's getting a little frustrating pulling two prospect cards I've never heard of in every pack.

45 Grady Sizemore
SG-AF Andrew Fie
59 rainbow Brandon Phillips
BHP64 Jeff Bailey
BHP72 Thomas Hottovy
Checklist 3 of 3
233 Akinori Iwamura RC
237 Kevin Kouzmanoff RC
107 Eric Bedard

Ok, here's the second hit from the box, an auto card of D-Backs prospect Andrew Fie. The Odds on the wrapper are a little screwed up, but this is a card from autograph group G with odds of 1:47 packs. We'll see if this guy pans out or not. A couple of rookies and Grady Sizemore fill out the pack. The checklist card is neat, Topps used the Prospect diamond design on the checklist for the prospect cards. Makes sense. It also has the list of Red Man oversized cards, not a bad lineup there either. The rookies are kind of dicey (Felix Pie? Ugh.) but the veterans don't have a bad card among them. No Braves at all though. Phooey.

Half the box is busted and here's the totals so far:

55 base cards - 22%
4 no sig SP's - 8%
24 Prospects - 24%
11 rainbow foil parallels - 4%
1 Relic - Luis Gonzalez
1 Auto - Andrew Fie
All three checklist cards
no dupes

A few more posts, another A&G card, another 792 gallery and I'll have another 4 packs to post. Stay tuned! This box break can't take much longer can it?


Andy said...

I'd love to see that Rollins Liberty Bell card...haven't found a pic of it yet.

Anonymous said...

That Ichiro kind of pops out at ya. Nice.