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Monday, November 26, 2007

Card of the Week 11/26

I'm going easy on myself on this week's Card of the Week, I'm worn out over all the box breaking excitement. No big story on this one, just a card I recently picked up that I like. This is Yogi's card from this year's Upper Deck Legendary Cuts set. Every year I always really like this set, but buying a box isn't really on my to do list. I'm more of a 60-80 dollar box guy, $120 and up is usually out of my league. I'm not fond of paying over 10 bucks for a pack of 4 cards either. The real clincher is the card shop I go to usually has customers busting cases of this stuff, then selling back the base cards while keeping the big money cards. This means there's a steady supply of commons for me to pick up cheap without going broke opening packs.

This year's set is probably the best design of all the Legendary Cuts sets, and that's saying something. My scan doesn't really do it justice as the gold foil doesn't show up properly. Check out the image on Upper Deck's website for a better look. I picked up Yogi for 50 cents last week on my last ditch card purchase before the holiday. I'll buy any Yogi, any time usually and I think I did pretty good for myself with that find. I did a search for Legendary Cuts this evening and found a whole lot of relic and auto cards listed (often for well under five bucks each) but not a whole lot of base cards. The big hits drive the hobby and sell boxes and cases, but sometimes a humble base card is just as good as any insert.

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