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Monday, November 26, 2007

Random Braves Team Set

What better way to come back from holiday than to post a random 60's oddball insert team set. These 5x7 posters are an insert from 1967 Topps packs. They are paper thin, were folded to fit into packs, tear really easily and are usually found in horrible condition which is why I like them. Here's a really nice scan of the Clemente card if you like good looking cards. This post isn't that random actually, I was originally inspired by this Leon Wagner pin up over at Indians Baseball Cards. Always. when David mentioned that there was a Joe Torre pin up floating around. Well, I got that pin up, along with Hank and Felipe. And here they are:

And since I'm a lousy fink who shows up his fellow bloggers here's the checklist for the set for your enlightenment and edification:

1 Boog Powell - Orioles
2 Bert Campaneris - A's
3 Brooks Robinson - Orioles
4 Tommie Agee - Mets
5 Carl Yastrzemski - Red Sox
6 Mickey Mantle - Yankees
7 Frank Howard - Senators
8 Sam McDowell - Indians
9 Orlando Cepeda - Cardinals
10 Chico Cardenas - Reds
11 Roberto Clemente - Pirates
12 Willie Mays - Giants
13 Cleon Jones - Mets
14 Johnny Callison - Phillies
15 Hank Aaron - Braves
16 Don Drysdale - Dodgers
17 Bobby Knoop - Angels
18 Tony Oliva - Twins
19 Frank Robinson - Orioles
20 Denny McLain - Tigers
21 Al Kaline - Tigers
22 Joe Pepitone - Yankees
23 Harmon Killebrew - Twins
24 Leon Wagner - Indians
25 Joe Morgan - Astros
26 Ron Santo - Cubs
27 Joe Torre - Braves
28 Juan Marichal - Giants
29 Matty Alou - Pirates
30 Felipe Alou - Braves
31 Ron Hunt - Dodgers
32 Willie McCovey - Giants

Build your own team set today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man, Torre has a face only a mother could love!

Nice cards, though.