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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Slowest Box Break Ever: Part 5 Packs 13-16

Ok, time to open some packs. To recap: so far I've pulled one relic (Luis Gonzalez), the auto (Andrew Fie) and Joba, which I assume is the big rookie in this set. Let's see what pops up in the second half of the box.

Pack 13:
186 Scott Kazmir
122 Sammy Sosa
199 Felix Hernandez no sig SP
167 rainbow Chipper Jones
BHP86 Matt Miller
BHP30 Gorkys Hernandez
119 Jamie Moyer
55 Garrett Atkins

All right, off to a good start on the second half of the box. I got a rainbow foil of Chipper Jones who looks like his mommy told him to stand still so she could take a picture to send to Aunt Alice in Poughkeepsie so she can see how big he's grown. There's also a prospect card of Gorkys Hernandez, who the Braves just got in the Renteria trade. He's the centerfielder of the future assuming Josh Anderson, Brent Lillibridge and Jordan Schaefer all flop. There's another no signature short print, this time of King Felix. As soon as I get a short print and a non short print of the same card I'll post it so you all can see. Scott Kazmir is going to win 25 games one year and everyone who isn't paying attention to how good he is will wonder what happened. Sammy Sosa is in the classic "Swing the bat at the photographer's head" pose which is always fun.

26 Russell Martin
70 Roger Clemens
115 Justin Morneau
BHP82 Nick Van Stratten
BHP62 Aaron Cunningham
227 John Danks RC
83 Greg Maddux
175 Vernon Wells

Pulling the two best pitchers of the past 30 years in the same pack is pretty damn nice. Roger Clemens' card has monument park in the background, which looks great. Morneau and Wells aren't too shabby either. Once again I'm bewildered by the prospects. They remind me of sit-com characters, not ballplayers.

34 Noah Lowry
14 Mike Lowell
147 rainbow Juan Pierre
BHP2 Peter Borjos
BHP14 Derin McMains
240 Philip Hughes RC
179 Garrett Anderson
183 Ian Kinsler

A short break from superstars here. Phil Hughes is nice I guess. Mike Lowell's card looks pretty good. Anderson and Pierre look like they might have gimmick backgrounds from 1952 cards, but I'm too lazy to check.

22 Michael Young
58 Michael Cuddyer
188 Roy Halladay no sig SP
187 rainbow Matt Holliday
BHP42 Michael Martinez
BHP36 Brendan Katin
Checklist 1 of 3
228 Elijah Dukes RC
103 Hideki Matsui

I've given up trying to recognize the prospects. I just want to complete the set and put it away for a few years until some of these guys start making the majors. Another short print in here, every three packs like clockwork. Matt Holliday's card looks good. He has a gripe about the MVP voting, but I have a feeling he might have a shot at another one before it's over.

The next four packs will be up after the holiday. I've already opened a couple and, well, let's just say I got a nice surprise in this box. Till next time...


Andy said...

the last third of your post mentions Halladay, Holliday, and the upcoming Holiday. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

A teaser..... humm... I wonder what you pulled? By the way, I actually like the way the Sosa cards looks.