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Monday, November 12, 2007

The 792: Gallery 1-18

Y hello thar! All you folks coming here from Ben Henry's Baseball Card Blog looking for old cards have come to the right place! In conjunction with his dream Topps Decades: The Eighties set, I'm going to be posting the scans of cards from that set. I'll be getting them up them 18 cards at a time, just enough to fill one plastic sheet front and back. Down at the bottom of each gallery will be a handy-dandy navigation chart, so you can click through to any group you wish once they've been posted.

Now, about these cards... I have most of them so scans won't be a problem. A few others though don't know I have them yet and will take some tracking down. A very few others, I just don't got and it could be a while before I can get them. The Ripken, for one. And why Ben had to choose the Rickey Henderson rookie instead of the Gwynn... well, actually the 86 Gwynn is kind of an iconic card. And even Rickey knows that the 1980 Rickey is one of Rickey's favorite cards. Anyways, if you don't see the front and the back of a card it means I don't have it. If there's a Topps Head of the Class junk card in its place, it means I'm still looking. Contributions to the cause are welcome and will be duly noted. Now, on to the cards!

1. Roger Clemens RB, 1987
2. Rickey Henderson RB, 1983
3. Dwight Gooden RB, 1985
4. Eddie Murray RB, 1988
5. Nolan Ryan RB, 1982
6. Bench/Perry/Yaz HL, 1984
7. Kevin McReynolds RB, 1989
8. Don Mattingly (RC), 1984*
9A. Steve Braun (yellow name), 1980
9B. Steve Braun (red name), 1980**
10. Tony Gwynn, 1986
11. Bruce Sutter, 1989
12. Billy Sample, 1984
13. Joe Charboneau (RC), 1981***
14. Sparky Anderson (MGR), 1988
15. Claudell Washington, 1987
16. George Vukovich, 1983
17. Mike Stenhouse, 1986
18A. Al Leiter (not him) (RC), 1988
18B. Al Leiter (him) (RC), 1988

* While searching for images, I found and won this Mattingly rookie on eBay. Cards of a squirrel are selling for 100 dollars, but I picked up Donnie Baseball for a buck. This is what our hobby has come to. When I get the card in my grubby little hands I'll post a decent scan.

UPDATE - I got it. it's a little dinged up, but what the hell, it was a buck. Here's the eBay photo for posterity.

** Thanks to reader Greg A. for help with this scan!

*** Thanks to readers Greg A. and David for help with this scan!

† I never knew there was a yellow name version of this card! Anyone got a scan? UPDATE: Here's a little info on the Yellow Letter variations. They are apparently extremely scarce.

Bonus card: Eddie Murray's Record Breaker card has a variation, the error is up top, here's the corrected version with the text box.

Numbers 19-36 up soon!

1-18 19-36 37-54 55-72 73-90 91-108 109-126 127-144 145-162
163-180 181-198 199-216 217-234 235-252 253-270 271-288 289-306
307-324 325-342 343-360 361-378 379-396 397-414 415-432 433-450
451-468 469-486 487-504 505-522 523-540 541-558 559-576 577-594
595-612 613-630 631-648 649-666 667-684 685-702 703-720 721-738
739-756 757-774 775-792


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the effort to do this--great work!

Kevin said...

I love that Sparky looks like he's performing the Jedi mind trick on his 1988 Topps card.

"These are not the Tigers you are looking for..."

NovaPhotos said...

This is awesome, thanks for doing this.

I love the record breakers cards, especially Henderson, Murray and Clemens.

GCA said...

I have sets from 80 to 84 and have scanned the two that are missing from this list. Can I email them to you?

dayf said...

gca - yes, please send them if you have them. You'll get credit for them in the post.

My e-mail should be in my profile.

--David said...

Heya! I sent scans of the Joe card before I read the comments! Oh well, they are all yours if ya need em!

jtanevismom06 said...

Is card #6 an actual card or the ballot for president of Del Boca Vista phase 2?