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Monday, November 5, 2007

Card Of the Week 11/05

It's looking like I might end up with another all nighter at work, so I'm getting the scan up for this week's Card of the Week now, and I'll get to the rant eventually right now! Enjoy...

Just the flat-top alone makes this a great candidate for Card of the Week. Ol' Bob Bruce is the quintessential example of a mid-sixties' hunk of a man. Clean shaven, hair trimmed high and tight, eyebrows allowed to roam free as nature intended, both overlooking a steely gaze of azure blue, and a radar dish on each side of his head listening, always listening, for those sneaky Russian subs that could be lurking on the coast of Florida at any moment. Forget those long haired mustachioed hippies that would befoul Topps cards in just a few short years' time. This is a real ball card of a real ball player. The Braves traded Eddie Mathews to get him, for cripes' sake! But WAIT! There's a flaw in this seemingly perfect card.

Atlanta Arbavees? #$!&@* the heck? This must be some sort of liberal conspiracy to deny the white man's God-given right to exploit Native Americans. Georgia was responsible for the Trail of tears and now they can't even use Braves as the name of their baseball team?? The quality control team at Topps wouldn't stand for anything so un-American on such a perfect card and they fixed this error lickety split. That's how things used to be done at Topps but somewhere along the way they got all weird and started putting Psychedelic Tombstones and Technicolor Tartans and weird little squares all over their cards. It's gotten so bad that they've started dabbling in necromancy, godless cloning experiments and purposefully leading young prospects astray with bi-curious behaviour. Are these the baseball cards we want our children to have?? Somewhere a fine American card hero weeps for the state of our hobby.

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Anonymous said...

That's a set with a ton of beautiful cards, but a few dozen of these are one of several reasons (my not being made of money being another) that I'll likely never complete that set, or even make a serious effort to try.

Nice career numbers. Another awesome Paul Richards trade...