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Friday, November 30, 2007

2007 Target Mickey Mantle sets

Target is once again selling Topps factory sets with bonus Mickey Mantle relic cards this year. Beckett has a nice little write up on them with a picture of the '53 relic card. I saw a few at Target this morning and there is not only a 1953 and 1956 version of the relic cards, but a 1957 reprint relic card as well. The sets are retailing for $59.95 and contain one factory set, the Mantle relic (which is visible on the front so you can see what you're getting) and two 1951 style cards of Mantle and Ted Williams. The '51 reprints look really sweet, although you can't properly see the Ted Williams card from the box. The relics aren't game used jerseys or anything, they actually look like rejects from Goodwill from when someone cleaned out Mickey's closet. There was an assortment of pretty much all the colors listed in the article at the store I went to including a really loud lime green and some funky plaid. I was sorely tempted by last year's set with the '52 relic card, but I ultimately passed. I'm glad I did now, I'd want to get the complete set of them if I already had the '52 and I'm not shelling out 180 bucks for three more Topps sets that I already spent a long time building. That being said, if I stumble across a '53 version with that swingin' plaid I'll probably succumb to temptation.

Actually, nevermind the factory set. Don't outbid me you vultures! Bid on these instead!

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