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Saturday, March 15, 2008

2008 Heritage Insert Checklists

I got bored so I cobbled together the Wal-Mart and Target Heritage insert checklists from eBay auctions. Lots of overlap and no Braves. Also, if you see an auction advertising these cards as RARE!!! don't you believe it. One in every four packs, folks. Not rare. Probably easier to get than any given common if I took the time to do the math*. Oh well. I am going to go out on a limb and say that these checklists are good for both the Topps and Heritage versions of these cards. Anyone know if K-Mart has their own inserts? All the K-Marts near me closed down. One turned into a Sears, oddly enough.

Wal-Mart Dick Perez inserts:
HDP1 Manny Ramirez
HDP2 Cameron Maybin
HDP3 Ryan Howard
HDP4 David Ortiz
HDP5 Tim Lincecum
HDP6 David Wright
HDP7 Mickey Mantle
HDP8 Joba Chamberlain
HDP9 Ichiro
HDP10 Prince Fielder

Target T-205 inserts:
HTC1 Albert Pujols
HTC2 Clay Buchholz
HTCP3 Matt Holliday
HTCP4 Luke Hochevar
HTCP5 Alex Rodriguez
HTCP6 Joey Votto
HTCP7 Chin-Lung Hu
HTCP8 Ryan Braun
HTCP9 Joba Chamberlain
HTCP10 Ryan Howard
HTCP11 Ichiro
HTCP12 Steve Pearce
HTCP13 Vladimir Guerrero
HTCP14 Wladimir Balentien
HTCP15 David Ortiz

Oh, never mind on the K-Mart inserts. They have a shiny gold version of some of the rookie cards in the Topps set. Nothing out there for Heritage yet though. K-Mart never gets the good cards.

*Ok, I got bored enough to do the math. Considering the entire print run, these inserts are actually tougher than your basic common. But not a whole lot tougher, especially the Dick Perez cards. There's an average of one set in every 40 packs for the Perez and one in 60 packs for T205. 40 packs will get you about 250 base cards or so. 60 is about 375 base cards. Exclusivity saves them from being dirt common. SP's are still way more RARE!!! than these cards though. Yes, I'm really, really bored.


Tokyokie said...

Both Wal-Mart and Target sell boxes with seven packs for $20. Each of these boxes has a foil pack with four of exclusive insert cards, but the regular packs will then not have any of the exclusive inserts. That may be the best way to go to collect the inserts set.

Tokyokie said...

However, the Dick Perez Ryan Howard card depicted on the box has a yellow background, and the one I got has a black background, so I hope that's a mix-up instead of another stinking variation.

dayf said...

Cool, I haven't seen any blasters so I was wondering how they would be inserted in there.

I also have the Ryan Howard Perez card, the card has a black border.

Bubba said...

The DP Ichiro is a black border too.