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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out of Options, Gotta Move 'Em

Tyler Yates joins LaRoche in Pittsburgh as he ends up the odd man out in the game of bullpen out of options musical chairs. We get the Pirates' 27th ranked prospect in return which is better than nothing I suppose. The Pirates cut Byung-Hyun Kim to make room for Tyler so he's out there for anyone really really desperate for a submariner. Expect Scott Thorman or Brayan Pena (sob) or both to go insimilar moves soon.

I'd normally post a card of the departed Tyler in tribute, but does anyone really care? I know I have his card somewhere because I keep doing double takes wondering why I see a Mets rookie pitcher mixed in with my Braves cards, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. If there's an outcry demanding a Yates card I'll do it, but not right now.

I'm not gonna leave you with nothing though, here's a 2003 Topps Chrome black refractor not-rookie card of Adam LaRoche numbered 85/199 for fans of Rochie and the 'Burgh.


Brian said...

a ROACH sighting!!!!!
Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaveH said...

My brother in law took my son to Braves Spring Training last year. While there they got a ball auto'd by 8 Bravos: Hudson, Johnson, Renteria, Wickman, Langerhans, Cormier, Yates, & Craig Wilson. Only 2 remain and Renteria was the only one that felt like a loss, albeit a small one as Escobar steps in at short.

Triple Play said...

Nice LaRoche card. Thats still my fav. one during his Braves tenure.