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Friday, March 28, 2008

Baseball Card Tournament: Second Round - Midwest Regional

First round's over, time for these cards to prove they belong in the Sweet Sixteen. Make sure you vote for the best cards, you will decide which ones make it to the Finals.

Note - I'm too wiped to finish the post but I'm going to post it anyway so people can vote. I don't want this tourney lasting till May. Updates are in italics.

Midwest Region

#1 2006 Bowman Chrome Cory Rasmus Auto Refractor
This is one of the cards that I got in that big trade with Chris Harris that I haven't gotten around to writing about yet. Cory missed last year with shoulder problems, but he should be back this year and it's a freaking refractor auto. Even if he bombs it shore is purdy.

#8 2007 Turkey Red Jimmy Rollins
A great looking painting, an amazing action scene, an all around wonderful card, and all I can see is the Turkey Hill ad on the wall. What, no love for Wawa?

#5 2003 Topps Fan Favorites Monte Irvin No Sig Variation
Monte Irvin is one of my favorites and this not-scarce variation card eluded me for years. (Thanks, Andy)
#12 2006 Grandstand Southern League Joey Votto
Another neat card from a reader in Alabama. The set this came in is freakin' loaded, I chose Votto for the cool Chattanooga Lookouts logo.

#11 1961 Topps Danny Kravitz
Venkman: Nimble little minx, isn't she?
Spengler: We're gonna go full stream.
Stantz: Aim for the flattop!

#3 1981 Donruss Yogi Berra
Yogi! Everybody loves Yogi. Plus this card has a special seecrit power.....

#7 1995 Gil Elvgren Prototype Fire Bell
I really really like this card, can ya tell? Anyone know where I can find a set of this stuff?
#2 2008 Topps Heritage Eddie Mathews Relic
I didn't even know Eddie was in the set, let alone had a relic card. The fact that Don Newcombe gets a mention is an even more pleasant surprise.


ernest said...

Rasmus, Irvin, Kravitz, Mathews.

suterb said...

Rasmus, Irvin, Kravitz, Fire Bell

Kevin said...

Rollins, Irvin, Kravitz, Matthews.

MMayes said...