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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Well now I kinda feel like a dick

National Trading card Day has come and gone. Joe got screwed, so did Chris. Mark got his though (epic new banner, by the way) and so did Mario. Not sure about Jason though, who is the one who reminded me about the promo in the first place.

Reasons why I feel like a tool tonight: First I didn't know until way after the fact that there was a list of participating locations, at least among hobby shops. If I had known that the only hobby store in Georgia that had the packs was Northlake Stamp and Coin, I could have gone there and skipped the two trips I made to confused hobby shops and the local Toys R Us. They weren't too coordinated either from what I hear from my fellow bloggers, Joe was 0 for 4 with Utah locations and Chris found one who didn't know about it and one who knew about it and never got their shipment. The packs were supposedly given out at games today too, I don't have any confirmation on that though. While others looked everywhere for free cards that never came, the guy who complained about how screwed up the promotion was ended up getting the jackpot.

So I hit the hobby shop and they know nothing about it. No biggie, I got some cool stuff I'll show off tomorrow after I get some sleep. Afterwards I headed over to the Toys R Us to see if they had the packs. I get there and there's a big Opening Day display up front with baseball equipment, various baseball related paraphernalia (did you know they still sold the mini helmet standings board?) and yes, trading cards. I found the Superstar pack from Upper Deck that was listed in that ad I showed you yesterday and it was basically a little box with 75 cards in it and a three card star pack. There was no mention of inserts so I assume it's just base cards. Even with a Teixeira possible in the star pack I passed. There were a few blasters there but I opted for a pack of UD and Heritage instead. An employee told me about the free trading card day, so this store was prepared at least. On the way out of the store something cool caught my eye, so Toys R Us and McFarlane toys were able to get a 10 dollar impulse buy out of me thanks to Trading card day.

So here's the part where I really feel like a dick. I get up to the register and when I'm checking out, the cashier goes back to customer service and gets me not one, but three packs of the free cards. That's right, three. One of each rookie too, so I got a complete set out of the deal. Shaweet. Then I get home and see that my fellow card-addicted brethren ended up driving all over town for no cards. Even more dickishly of me is that I'm not going to open the packs to show them off. I've saved unopened promotional sets since the Wrapper Redemption sets from the mid nineties so these are staying unopened too. Sorry. I registered for a free pack online, so if one arrives rest assured it will be ripped and shared on this blog. That was my National Trading card day, I got a complete set, some cool stuff that I'll show off once I feel like scanning it tomorrow and I got to watch a couple of games to boot. Anyone else out there get (or not get) your free cards?


Brian said...

a city of a million freakin' people, and only one card shop... who did not know about this at all.
Cards at Wal mart or Toys R Us??? Fat chance. Welcome to Canada.

grabbed a pack online though....

morineko said...

I got my pack at a hobby shop that was not listed at all on that big list of participating stores. The funny thing about that is that I hadn't realized that it was today; I'd only gone in there for more toploaders.

(The local CBS affiliate had said something about it on the Friday noon news, but I was getting ready for work and not paying much attention.)

Andy said...

I was at Babies'R'Us with my wife, and there was a Toys'R'Us right next door, and I didn't think to go there, even though I was well aware that yesterday was the day. Duh.

mmosley said...

I had the mini-helmet standings board. I got it at... are you sitting down...CAPTAIN BOB HORNER'S! There was a souvenir shop in the back of the restaurant.

We used to display our Sherco simulation board game league standings.

NMboxer said...

Canada must have a lot in common with Santa Fe, known by the tourist bureau as the City Different when it is actually the City of Card Existential Crises. However, it's fun reading about dayf's world.