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Monday, March 31, 2008

Thoughts on the Opening Game Broadcast.

I didn't live blog it, but I did take notes to share for posterity. It's my life, I'll waste it how I please.

George Will? Ok, we get it. It's an election year. Thanks ESPN, I never would have noticed if not for you.
National Anthem - Wow, what a voice. I wasn't expecting that.
First Pitch - They're all really saying Boooo-ush.

First inning:
First pitch - strike. First batter - strikeout. 1-2-3 for the Nats n the first.
The Braves really need to work on their fielding apparently. ugh.
The exact moment when I hit the mute button on the ESPN broadcast and turned on Pete and Chip on the radio: Bottom of the first, third batter.
Argh. Kearns with the RBI. Joe's gonna be frisky today.

Second Inning:
Jeez, it's the Austin Kearns show tonight. Nails McCann trying for the double. McCann funs about as fast as me...
1-2-3 inning for Hudson, who is back in the groove.
Oh, ESPN? I little hint for you:

Third inning:
Kearns is everywhere!
ARGH caught stealing. What was Earl Weaver saying about goddamn little fleas on the basepaths...
The exact moment when I turned off the TV completely: Top of the third, second batter.
Woot! Escobar with the 360 spin move! another 1-2-3 inning.

Fourth Inning:
Ok, non stop Bush or no, I'm turning on the TV for Chipper's at bat...
ok, tv's right back off...
Ok, why the hell is Teddy Roosevelt made to look like an ass during every president race? That franchise will never have a winning season until they start respecting the T.R. Ya hear that Nationals, I curse Thee, vile blasphemers!
Some more nice D for the bravos - Huddy's on a roll.

Fifth inning:
Ok, it looks like it's safe to watch the game on TV again since they are actually pointing the cameras at the field mostly.
Boot, Bunt, and..... nothing.
ESPN recycles their Presidential first pitch graphic again.
OK, the speedy rat commercial is strange enough, but it's REALLY strange without sound. Anyone else notice the rat humping the guy's leg?
13 straight outs for Hudson!

Sixth Inning:
Peter Gammons wants to make sweet, sweet love to Chipper by the fire.
Hey, a Willie Harris sighting!
Aaaaand Peter jinxed Chipper with his premature Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Dammit.
Sixth inning and I can already tell it's going to be one of those games... Brilliant pitching, hard-luck 1 run loss. I've seen this too many times.

Seventh inning:
Yep, everyone's forgotten how to hit - Diaz is aiming for the fences.
While the radio broadcasts "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", ESPN shows a Pharma and Jack Daniels commercial.
19 straight for Huddy - He's in the zone

Eighth inning:
Burger King!
ARGH can someone please get Tim off the hook?!?
Ohman in the game, does his LOOGY work and gets out.
Moylan looks good in set up duty.

Ninth Inning:
Ok, somone PLEASE get Tim off the hook!!!
CHIPPER TOTALLY ROBBED. Rauch didn't even see that ball coming at him.
Tex misses a homer by a foot! Double for Teixeira.
Prado runs for Tex? Who's gonna play 1st base in the bottom of the inning?
Frenchy advances the runner. Last chance people...
Big Mac does nothin'.
Moylan back in for the Braves. Prado playing first?
Moylan mows 'em down.
Milledge gets his uniform dirty.
Invader Zim...
Ends it.

At least the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie was on after the game.


Bay Rat North West said...

Kearns is gona OWN that new park. He and Zimm will have monster seasons! Kearns has the cannon. Kearns has the power. It's like Frenchy never existed now.

Bay Rat North West said...

And how can you ever get tired of seeing a member of the Big Red Machine homer? Hearing him is different. Gotta admit though. That new park is sweet.