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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baseball Card Tournament: First Round - Denver

It's tourney time, so let's have a tournament. Here are 64 random cards from my archive of scans. I will seed them and match them up into brackets. Each card that advances to the next round gets more written about it. If you want to know more about a card, vote for it - your votes determine the winner. Feel free to vote for the other first round matchups as well. Voting is open until Wednesday or so so we can start the second round on Thursday. This is the last bracket so get in your votes!

First Round - Denver

East Region

#5 2007-2008 Topps Chrome Larry Bird

Larry Bird absolutely ruined my Hawks on many occasions, but for some reason the thing I most associate with him is an episode of Night Court where Judge Stone heaves a basketball at the end of the show and says "Thank God for Larry Bird!"
#12 2004 Fleer Ultra Scott Rolen
You could put together a nice little collection with all the cards with Aardman's Chevron Cars ad from the left field wall of Pac Bell in the background.

#4 1978 Topps Carl Yastrzemski
Yaz? Yaz. Yaz?? Yaz... Yaz!
#13 2000 Pacific Private Stock Richie Sexson PS-2000
Mini cards are great, but why did Richie have to go and mini his stats too? Of course now he'll go out and hit 50 dingers this year just to show up all the geniuses who passed on him in their fantasy draft.

South Region

#5 2001 Bowman Jose Reyes

I ripped about 18 thousand packs of 2001 Bowman and didn't pull one stinking Pujols. I got a few of Jose's rookie though.
#12 1974 Topps Rich Hand
This card reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs runs completly off the film and you see the sprocket holes on the side of the screen.

#4 2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Terrence Long
I pulled this card when I lost my mind and bought one of those "Fat Pack + a Memorabilia card" things from Target. I not only beat the odds and pulled an autograph, but it's an amazing looking one at that. I never knew Terrence signed in Elvish.
#13 1977-1978 Topps Dan Bouchard
Dan was my absolute favorite player on the Flames when I was a kid. I think it was because the goalies looked so cool with the big-ass stick, huge pads and Jason masks. To this day though, I don't know how to pronounce his name. BOW-chard? Booo-SHARRd? No clue.

Don't forget to vote for the other ones too!

Final Scores:

Larry Bird 5, Scott Rolen 1
Carl Yastrzemski 6, Richie Sexson 0
Jose Reyes 0, "Mr." Hand 6
Terrence Long 1, Dan Boo-sharrd 6


Kevin said...

Bird, Yaz, Hand, Bouchard. I'm in an old-school mood today.

ernest said...

Bird, Yaz, Hand ( there is nothing more visually pleasing than a miscut or misprinted vintage card ), boo-SHARRd.

MMayes said...

Larry Bird "Melman" (if you remember Calvert DeForrest's character from the David Letterman show in the 80's.

Yaz' 1978 card appears to be watching Bucky Dent's homer fly out....small consolation is this victory.

I'll take Rich "Mr." Hand over Jose "Spicoli" Reyes.

Terrance Long. Not that great a ballplayer, but I'm not a hockey fan at all.

Brian said...

it's Boo-SHARD, eh!

suterb said...

I'll go with Kevin & ernest.


Rich said...

Rolen, Yaz, Hand, Bouchard

DaveH said...

Bird, Yaz, Hand, Bouchard
- can't vote for a Met