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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Aw Jeez, I Almost Forgot Edition

Sorry guys, if I hadn't gotten woken up by a call, I would have blown off the stickers today. My sleep deprivation is your gain, 'cause today (tonight) we have a nice sticker for Opening day, a Braves sticker from 1989 Fleer.

Awww yeah. Check out the bunting. Ya got bunting front and back. The team on the fronts and backs actually match too, not something you always got with Fleer stickers. The bats design make the sticker look like a major award or something. The only award the Braves deserved from 1988 was "Worst team ever that still wasn't the absolute worst team in the league that year". Seriously, the Braves went 54-106, one of the worst records of all time, and the stinkin' Orioles managed to go 54-107 just to screw us. That's just totally not fair. We coulda lost two more games if given the chance and gone 54-108. Stupid rainouts.

How about that National League Western Division label, eh? All you noobs out there who were born after Bobby Cox started his second stint as manager of the Braves are likely perplexed by this. What the heck are the Braves doing in the Western division? That's what all us old-timers wondered too... The Braves just kinda got put out there in the west, along with the Reds, while the Cubs and Cards were in the in the Eastern division. No real rhyme or reason for it either, Cincinnati and Atlanta got stuck with the West coast road trips from 1969 to 1993, and I missed out on hating the Mets for twenty years of my life. Oh sure, I enjoyed hating the Dodgers and that fat bastard Lasorda all through the '80s, but it was never the burning loathing seething Mets rage of hate that I love so much. Oh, I am so ready for opening day, can you tell?

And check out the tons and tons of factoids! Stadium capacity! First game! (we lost) Longest game! (we lost) Milwaukee never had a losing season! (rub it in, whydoncha) Atlanta's never been to a World Series! (just you wait!!!) The retired numbers threw me for a loop, I've had it etched into my brain that we have retired 5 Braves uniform numbers, and it took me a while to realize why there was only 4 listed on the card. That's 'cause Murphy was still wearing his Braves uniform! Feeling really old now...

This is a pretty dang good sticker set from an really good Fleer set. If you can't track down the many varieties of Billy Ripken's bat handle, you might want to collect this sticker set instead. It's good looking, full of interesting outdated historical tidbits and even the mini logo sticker cards finally dumped the team name stripes and gave you 4 logo stickers per card. Murph agrees that you should stick to the G-Rated Ripken and collect this wholesome sticker set instead.

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mmosley said...

Oh how I miss the days when the Braves were in the NL West. It's like they got decent and then epicly good just when they moved over to the Mets division, I mean the NL East. The rivalry is fun though. Olney, Gammons, and Stark picked the Braves while Kirkjan picked the Mets.