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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stuff I Bought Chasing Around Looking for Free Trading Cards

OK, I'm still not ripping the free National Trading Card Day card packs (yet, at least) but here's some of the stuff I ended up buying looking for my 'free' baseball cards.

Here's the Hobby shop swag. They didn't have the cards, but I was going to go here anyway. The prize of the entire trip is right here:

The complete oversaturation of jersey cards in the marketplace alled me to pick up a Campy Jersey card for five bucks. Great for me, sad for the Hobby. Can you imagine what this card would go for in the late 90's?

I picked up a pack of this mess so I could get my Trading Card History card of the week. They gave me Josh Beckett, who I already had. D'oh! It wasn't a complete waste as I got maybe the last Andrew card in a Braves uni out of the otherwise awful pack. Compare it to his Topps base cards and see if you can spot the difference!

I also got a pile of cheep Braves. This is my favorite out of the bunch. I really like this '96 Bowman's Best insert set, and I didn't have the Chipper refractor. At least I don't think I do....

Other than that, just some supplies. Now off to Toys R Us.

They had the SuperStar Packs that Chris writes about, but I didn't know what was in them so I chickened out and got a couple of packs instead. The pack of Heritage only netted me a couple of base cards I needed, but the Upper Deck pack had this:

A StarQuest Ultra Rare goldish looking refractor card. Of course, it's retail Upper Deck so Ultra Rare is a misnomer, but hey, it's a nice card. There's a scratch off game on the back, but it's only for kids under 18. Unfortunately they insist in chronological age, not mental for eligability. Here's the impulse buy I talked about in my last post.

Ok, McFarlane figures are hard to scan. Trust me it looks great in person. You can see some decent pictures of it here and here to get the full effect until I get a decent camera.

I also got this scratch off thingy, which I'll probably scratch off sometime tonight. I'm wavering on not opening the packs, so you might get a post showing them off soon.


Chris Harris said...

RE: Andruw Jones.

Lemme take a guess. The Topps Ministry of Truth didn't get to the Opening Day set.

dayf said...

They didn't airbrush any of them. The Miguel Cabrera is also unaltered. I guess Winston Smith had a day off when they were putting that set together.

Joey said...

You are right about the relic cards. Good news I can get some really great players cheap. Oh wait thats the bad news too.

The Chipper looks cool too.