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Monday, March 3, 2008

It's that time of year

Every Spring Training (or at least every spring training the past few years) I've picked up this book and started reading.

Now, I don't necessarily read the entire thing each year. Sometimes I blow through the book quickly, sometimes I get about halfway through and get distracted. One time I remembered it was time to read it, looked for the book and gave up when I could only find my copy of the sequel. I thought about reading it though, and I laughed when I recalled the boner on the bus joke, so it technically counts.

I picked up this copy at the Cobb Countly Library sale last fall for a quarter. My old paperback copy was starting to molt pages so it was time to upgrade. One of these days I'm going to find a hardback copy of the edition of with Jim in the Braves uniform on the cover. I've seen 'em on eBay, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I think subconsciously I'm waiting to find an autographed copy in some dusty old bookstore. You never know what treasures await in old bookstores...

This is one of my absolute favorite books, it combines my love of baseball, humor and my cynical take on the world. It's a pretty fascinating read and a neat look into the major leagues before free agency. It's too bad a book like this couldn't be written today, nowadays we get the Mitchell Report. If I had pulled out the book just a week earlier I would be compelled to get a card for each chapter and post it on the date of the chapter with a quote and such, but that's not gonna happen. Thankfully I'm too OCD to be able to start that a few days after the first date in the book. Maybe next year. You still might see a few related posts popping up here and there though.

(seriously, read this book)


Chris said...

I have the same spring ritual! I've been reading it every year since I discovered it while trying to make it as a high school ballplayer in the late 80s. My copy is missing at least one page, and I'm sure I'm missing something good everytime I read it now.

I've been trying to get my wife to read it for the last few years, but she won't bite.

This winter I picked up Bouton's Foul Ball and his sense of humor (and his sense of righteousnous) are still fully intact. Good book. Good luck finding an autographed copy.

On Base Autos said...

I will have to check it out.

ttg said...

I read it a couple of times a year. I, too, need a new copy; mine's in a few pieces. I finally convinced my wife to read it- she's into the regular season section and loving it (and living with me has caused her to hate baseball!).

suterb said...

This is the best baseball book I've read. I'm definitely gonna have to find my own copy soon.