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Monday, July 14, 2008

2003 Bryan John Smoltz

This card was hiding in a 50 cent boxand I had to get it. I think this was a giveaway at Turner Field in 2003. I never got giveaway cards at games. When I was a kid and desperately wanted free cards I never got to go on card giveaway games because they were usually on weekdays. Now that I'm an adult and can go to a game whenever the hell I want, they won't give me any cards 'cause they're for the kids. Life is unfair. The front of this particular card is kind of obnoxious as you can see. Ok, it looks a little cool but a player's name really shouldn't be bigger than his photo in my opinion. The thing that impressed me was the back.

Look at all those beautiful stats!!! Full career stats including minor leagues. You never see that anymore. If someone can find a mainstream issue card from the past five years that lists Smoltzie's rehab starts in Macon and Greenville, I'll give 'em a dollar. There's even career minor league stats which is fantastic. The world needs more cards like this.


Joey said...

Is the back of that card Bologna pink?

Nice card though. I have seen much worse for giveaway cards.

Runa said...

Great work.