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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Good Omen

And lord do I need one.

After being frustrated in my search for an Allen & Ginter blaster I grudgingly picked up a pack of Topps Series 2 just to have something to open on the way home. I kid you not, this was the first card out of the pack:

Nice. I'm beginning to like this trade a lot. It's nice not having the Sword of Damocles hanging over your entire franchise for the first time in years. Now that we officially suck and don't have to worry about any pennant runs for a couple of years I can kick back, relax and just enjoy some baseball without having to listen to the sports talk goons declare the Braves' entire existence on this planet a failure because they didn't win it all this year. I can watch some young kids develop into stars and ignore the fact that they'll all hire Boras once they get arbitration eligible. That's a few years away, I can worry about it then. Tex played his part too, and threw out a few jerk comments on his way out the door. The stuff praising the Angels I don't care about, you're supposed to say that when you're traded. It was the crap about how he was so surprised the Braves didn't make him any offers during this summer after he rejected out of hand the extension offer they gave him in the offseason. Chris DiMino had a good observation this morning on 790 the Zone, he said he'd never seen a player so giddy to be going into free agency before. This is the quote that put him right next to JD Drew on my 'love to hate' list:

"I thought I'd be here the rest of my career," he said of Atlanta. "I really wanted to stay here, but business is business, and it's time for me to move on."

Well, you would have been here the rest of your career if you'd signed the fucking extension Wren offered you last winter, dumbass. If staying here was that important to you... I don't mind that you're a greedy bastard who's more interested in the green than anything else in the world, but don't insult my intelligence with this crap that you wanted to stay here in Atlanta really really bad, but mean ol' management wouldn't let you. I hope you break your contract signing hand jerking off to salary rumors this offseason, Scott Boras accidentally puts child pr0n in your 85-page dossier for prospective clubs and your Georgia-born wife refuses to sleep with you after Chris Hansen shows up at your door with an NBC film crew and a copy of Boras' pamphlet. Douche.

Ok, that's all out of my system now. Now that I've purged Tex out of my Braves conciousness, I'm beginning to get excited about Kotchman after hearing a lot of Angels fans commenting on the trade. There's saying a lot of great things about the guy and seem sad that he's leaving. I was worried that the gold glove defense we've been getting from Mark would take a hit, but it looks like Casey is about as good defensively. That's crucial to this team, considering we're going to have to develop a bunch of young pitchers in the next couple of years. Young pitchers need all the help they can get and giving away runs is no way to build their confidence. Thanks to Dr. Andrews this is turning into a really young team really quickly. There's still another day till the trading deadline too, Frank might have some more fresh faces on the team by this time tomorrow.


Dinged Corners said...

Casey will be good. Your Tex comments are insightful and we hope the door doesn't hit him too very awfully terribly hard on his way out.

dayf said...

Is 'insightful' a euphemism for crude and disgusting? ;)

You're just glad we didn't take Micah Owings away from you. Chad Tracy and Micah were on the table for Tex...

William Noetling said...

I was flattered that you'd link to one of my posts, and double flattered when I realized you liked to TWO of my posts!

But I don't speak for all Angels fans, though from listening to Hud talk about Kotch this afternoon, then again, I might.

Halosheaven.com has some great commentary on the trade.

GCA said...

Tex must like spouting press releases instead of genuine ideas. He was saying that he'd like to come to Baltimore to be closer to where he's from, but now he's followed the Benjamins all the way out to the west coast??...