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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Card Of the Week 7/07/08

Ok, this one is a little late because I had to wait for Hiroki Kiroda's perfect game against the Braves to get busted up by Tex in the 7th. A perfect game sort of trumps everything else for Card of the Week, especially if the Braves are involved. Instead I have a card from my favorite set, 1953 Topps.

This here's Dutch Leonard, one of the first pitchers to have real success with the knuckleball. Dutch was a 20 game winner in 1939, and his knuckler kept in in the league pitching effectively till he was 44. He ended his career in the Cubs' bullpen and this was Dutch's last Topps card. The back of his card shows 189 of his 191 wins, his bio brags about how old a geezer he is and his cartoon shows an enterprising carpenter sawing bits off home plate. Now I love me some knuckleballers, and I really dig cartoons on cards, but that's not why I chose this card. This is why:

Do you see what I see? Here, let me make it obvious for you:

ZOMG TEH CHIN. You know what this immediately made me think of. Thorzul's favorite, Ed Lynch. Heck, he posted a Lynch reference just tonight! Ok, so I really wanted to show off my handiwork. MSPaint requires serious skillz. Still, what is it with Cub pitchers and the crazy chins of doom? It's not a Chicago thing, because I don't see those chins on Sox players. Whacked out glasses sure, but not multiple chins. So maybe there's something in the water in Wrigleyville doing this to poor defenseless relief pitchers. I suppose it could just be a big coincidence, but I don't think so. There's some sort of dirty plot afoot. Those Cubs is sneaksy. I mean, they just got 7 players on the All Star team. This is an organization that well knows how to work underhanded conspiricies. I'm going to keep my eye on them lest another poor set up man's chin goes all funny. Their evil shall be exposed!


White Sox Cards said...

Wrigleyville is right next to Boystown, so maybe the Cubs players feel that Jabba the Hutt-like necks will keep other men from hitting on them. Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Don't drag my Cubbies into the conspiracy talk! It's all Selig, all Brewers! They are the conspirators!