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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok, I don't mind that he's absolutely pwned the Braves this year. It seems like he's hitting about .950 (1.200 on base percentage) with 75 homers and three thousand RBIs this year just against the Braves.

But now he just pasted Brain McCann on a play at the plate and damn near knocked his head clean off.


Death to the evildoer!

Death to the Hawaiian menace!

Bring me Shane Victorino's head on a platter!

Look at the beady criminal eyes... we must eliminate this threat to decent society!

UPDATE: McCann has a mild concussion. I was worried for a minute that he may have been Estradaed. Perhaps Shane doesn't quite deserve death, but he sure as hell ain't getting no cake from me.


Ben said...

What happened here! I watched the Braves get a nice lead, fell asleep and now it's 12 to 10 Phillies in the 9th.

Ugh. Things were starting to look better for a few days.

mmosley said...

The New York Mets will have cake as well. Thanks!

Captain Canuck said...

never trust a guy who wears the double ear flaps...