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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Ok, the blog is now officially off Auto-Pilot. I'm back in town and staring at a big pile of cards that need scanning and posting. Plus A&G is due next week, so I have some decisions to make about that as well. The vacation was relaxing but disappointing in one way - I was in Canada and didn't get a single hockey card. I blew my chance too, I walked by a shop with a small pile of beautiful mid-70's hockey in a case once thinking it was a coin shop (which it was) and when I was able to go back on the last day of the trip, I didn't have any cash on me. Guuuuh.

I'm nice and relaxed though having spent much of the trip sitting in a comfy chair right in front of an obsolete hotel air conditioner blasting semi- cold air right in my face while sipping on good Canadian soda with liquid sugar instead of nasty corn syrup while vegging out to the CBC. Three things I learned: The guy on Barbeque University is fluent in French, Premier League Darts is goddamn fascinating, and watching the Simpsons in French is just as entertaining as watching it in English. I also watched the USA Women's Fast Pitch Softball team play Team Canada in an Olympic warm-up match in Oklahoma City and I fell in love with Crystl Bustos all over again. I can't wait for the Olympics.

Only problem is that I am now totally relaxed and my mind is clear, but it's a little too clear. I haven't written about cards in a week and I'm having trouble getting back in the groove. I'm going to make things easy on myself and post a few of the old standby:


1996 Fleer Soaring Stars

This is one of those 'metal' type cards that don't scan worth a crap. Those are little shiny multi-colored baseballs flying in hyperspace behind Chip. The card goes well with the music I'm listening to right now on the Beatscape Lounge on Album 88.

1999 Pacific Crown Collection Braves Checklist

Can you believe this monstrosity is a checklist? You should see the Pacific checklists that are die-cut. Pacific is the undisputed late '90s obnoxious champ.

1997 Upper Deck Long Distance Connection

Upper Deck uses the micro-etching foil (or F-X technology in their lingo) to much better use in this scanner-friendly stripy nightmare.

1998 Pacific Invincible Braves Checklist

Yup, another goofy checklist from Pacific. Ryan Klesko and Andruw Jones are on the back of this one. Pacific also put checklists for the Braves cards in their insert sets as well as the base on the back. This is utterly fantastic.

1997 Pacific Hometown of the Players

AKA Procedencia de los Jugadores in Pacific's bilingual copy. That holographic foil wall stretching to infinity behind Chipper is the Florida state flag, honoring his hometown of Jacksonville. I am not ashamed to admit that I freaking loved these cards when they first came out.

Ok, that got the writing juices flowing again. The electronica beat is helping. Now, on to my sadly neglected Auto-Matic for the People with an autograph I picked up today for a whole buck!


Captain Canuck said...

you come to Canada and not even a hello? Bonjour?
dude... I was right HERE the whole time.......

dayf said...

Well, unless you were on Rue Sherbrooke I probably wasn't to close to ya. I'm still kicking myself for not bringing a package of cards to send to you through the Canadian post...