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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Need Help On This One

I found this rather badly gum-stained card while fumbling through some dupe boxes and it has been haunting me since. Ken Oberkfell was a fairly weak hitting third baseman who is now a coach for the Mets. He failed miserably at replacing an injured Bob Horner's production at third base in 1984 which probably cost the Braves the division and Joe Torre his job. That's not why this card is weirding me out though, it's that I just can't get a read on his face. Look deeply into his eyes:

Now can someone who has experience in these matters (and I think you know who I'm talking about) please tell me: Is this a legitimate happy smiling face, or is Ken Oberkfell extremely demented and unhinged in this photograph? 'Cause I seriously can't tell. I keep staring into the abyss and Ken Oberkfell is staring back.


Dinged Corners said...

The resident expert says it's a nice smile enhanced by pretty almond-shaped eyes. The resident (suspicious New Yorker) mom sees a trace of dementedness.

But now he's a good Mets coach!

dayf said...

Ok then, I trust in the expert. Besides I'm cynical and suspicious enough meself.

Unknown said...

I think he's trying to appease two photographers at once.

That's the result.