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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Ass it Counts

So David Wright is in the All-Star Game, and the National League leader in Home Runs and RBIs will be sitting at home. Meh.

For once, this isn't a "Mets Suck" thing, this is a "MLB Sucks" thing. So the game determines home field advantage for the World Series, but Major League Baseball can't be bothered to get ONE OF THE BIGGEST* STARS IN THE FREAKING GAME IN THERE WHEN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE HASN'T WON AN ALL-STAR GAME SINCE STEVE GARVEY WAS A STARTER.

Bud Seilg sucks.

Clint Hurdle sucks.

The players suck.

The fans suck.

And I hate like damn to admit it, the All-Star Game sucks.

[Insert scan of Hank Sauer card here]

*(not a fat joke)


mmosley said...

I disagree. Howard has been crazy hot as of late but his first half, taken as a whole, does not warrant an All-Star nod.

Wright's EQA is .308 while Howard's is .284. Using Runs Above replacement, Wright ranks as the 2nd best 3rd baseman in the whole league behind Chipper (A.Rod would be higher if he was not hurt for a time). Howard is bested by 9 other 1st basemen.

Howards tiny OBP hurts his value big time. If you want to reward him for his recent surge, then he should be on the team. He may even give the NL a better chance at winning the game (or he might whiff in the 9th to seal another one for the AL).

Just so you know, I didn't vote for Wright as last man in. But I'm psyched about the Mets being .5 out. Go NL, then Go Mets!

cm said...

Agreed. BA of .230, on pace to SO 250+ times, and measely OBP in the .300's does not an All Star make, HR's and RBI's aside.

desert plume said...

I love it when you guys talk stats.

thewritersjourney said...

Shoulda been Griffey.