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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

HA! I knew it

I knew as soon as I finished that huge ass post on trade rumors Wren would make a deal for Tex.

Tex is now an Angel, The Braves get Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephen Marek in return. Casey is only 25, under club control for 3 years, not too expensive and should be hitting his stride in the next couple of years. Marek is a Double-A pitcher so who knows. Kotchman has to develop quickly or this isn't that great a deal for the Bravos, I'm afraid. They now have a major league ready first baseman and an unknown arm in exchange for the two first rounders we would have gotten in compensation for Tex. Time will tell.

If Tex is gone, I'm sure the fire sale will continue as there are several bullpen arms teams are coveting. Who knows, there might be a surprise trade as well.


thefead said...

Like Podesta said, its economics. The two picks would have to be signed and developed at a large cost to the Braves with no guarantee they make the Majors, so they took the safer and cheaper way out. Can you really blame them?

Captain Canuck said...

I'd be willing to bet that Frank did this because he knew damn well ownership wasn't going to offer arbitration... so no picks either.

fielderschoice said...

I wanna see Will Ohman traded to the Rays!