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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Lost Box of Total Awesomeness - WAX!!!

All the 80's Topps are finally done with in my awesome box and now we hit a couple of glorious things - wax packs! They're both opened already, and one is missing the wrapper, but it's still a couple of packs. I opened 'em well over a decade ago so it's not like I remember what's in there. The bounty of wax includes a pack of 1991 Topps Traded and a 1954 Topps Archives set from 1994 picked up on clearance at Eckerd. I'll show off the Traded pack here in totality since the wrapper is gone, the other will be 'ripped' at A Pack A Day.

1991 Topps Traded was sold both in factory set form and pack form. The packs had 7 cards and I'm pretty sure a stick of gum in them. The wrapper and gum are long gone from this pack, but you can find boxes online if you need some of that delicious '91 gum. The set was the typical 132 cards, and the big rookies were Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez and a Team USA card of Jason Giambi. I'm not sure where I got this pack or why I only have one. This is pretty much the only '91 Traded in my collection. Let's check out my pack.

17T John Candelaria

Candyman pitching for the Dodgers. John has the grizzled veteran 'Wall O Text' stats on the back with no room for any blurbs or Monthly Scoreboards.

58T Bo Jackson

Bo knows traded sets! Bo's hip is a disaster, he can barely walk and is holding on to the rail for dear life, but check out those cool-ass shades! Awwww yeaaah. The blurb on the back is nifty. "Bo belted 4 consecutive HR in 1990; three at Yankee stadium, July 17 and the 4th vs. Mariners, August 26." As with any post mentioning Bo Jackson, this is mandatory.

69T Chuck Knoblauch

From 1991 Rookie of the year and World Series champ to being best known for nailing Keith Olbermann's mom with an errant throw. Fame, ye are a fickle mistress. To top it off, this isn't even his rookie card.

72T Donnie Leshnock

Team USA card of a player who never played one inning in the majors. Donnie's dad Don however, did play one inning in the majors. Exactly one as a matter of fact. Donnie's claim to fame is sharing a 1993 prospect card with Mike Piazza and Carlos Delgado.

84T Otis Nixon

Otis my man! This is one of Nixon's first cards in a Braves uni. Oh if he'd only played in the World Series... By the time Knoblauch tried that little juke move that froze Skates, Otis would have already scored, gone back to the clubhouse, showered and would be sitting on the bench enjoying a frosty beverage.

125T Devon White

Did you know Devon played until 2001? I remember him as an Angel in the '80s and that's it.

126T Mark Whiten

Yep, it's four home run guy. Mark played for the Braves for about 15 minutes in 1996 when he was picked up off of waivers from the Phillies, then subsequently traded to the Mariners as soon as I had amassed a pile of his cards.

Bo and Otis made this the pack of the century as far as I was concerned back in 1991. Now I'm having to restrain myself from buying a box to rip when I can probably find the factory set for 5 bucks if I just look around a little bit.

Now as a bonus, here are scans of the 1954 Archives cards that didn't make the cut for the A Pack A Day post:

But wait, there's more! The CARTOONS!

Up next: you didn't think we were done with cards from the '80s did you? You poor naive fool.

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