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Thursday, July 3, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome Blaster Break, Not Review and Contest

I'm still mad at Topps, so I don't want to advertise their junk, but I am hypnotized by shiny, shiny refractors. I got a blaster of Chrome and I'll compromise by sharing it with you but not reviewing the product. The world will never know that I think it's xxxx of a xxxx-xxx'x Xxxxxx this xxxx, and xxxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is xxxx, the xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxx xx. That being not said, Topps can still go [REDACTED] themselves right up the [#661].

I will show off this feature of the '08 edition, one they should have been doing for years:

That's right, different photos on the Chrome cards. This is a good thing as it confirms my suspicions that Frenchy was screwing around in the outfield for some photographer on his base Topps card.

Ok, time for the packs. I got this one from Wally World, it had 7 packs and a 2 card bonus pack of Dick Perez inserts.

Bonus Pack
WMDPC2 Cameron Maybin
MWDPC15 Jimmy Rollins refractor

Cameron hasn't played an inning in the bigs this year although there are rumors he may get called up soon. The Jimmy Rollins refractor card looks damn good though. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny!

Pack 1
209 Fernando Hernandez RC
TCHC30 Josh Beckett Trading Card History
164 Eric Chavez Xfractor
20 Mike Lowell

Xfractors are one in three retail packs, and appear to be retail only. They also scan really funkily. The Trading Card History insert set is Hobby only in base Topps, but makes it into retail packs for Chrome. The Rookie in the pack was a Rule V flop that was given back to Chicago.

Pack 2
25 Alex Rios
105 Travis Hafner
171 Luis Castillo Refractor
156 Tom Glavine

Every pack I've seen of chrome has at the bare minimum one insert or refractor in it. This is the only pack in the box with three base cards in it. Averaging two base cards a packmakes building a 220 card set pretty dang tough even if you get a bunch of shiny cards. I got Glavine's last Chrome card in the pack as he is done, done, done.

Pack 3
205 Brian Bocock RC
ARC3 Mike Piazza 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team
30 Kevin Youkilis refractor
68 Rich Harden

The 50th Anniversary cards don't look as good in Chrome. Bobock is another RC that is stuck in the minors. Youk's not a bad card.

Pack 4
207 Steven Holm RC
TCHC29 Ivan Rodriguez Trading Card History
211 Blake DeWitt RC refractor
144 Chris Young

Can you believe I've already pulled a Blake DeWitt Refractor? At least Blake is playing regularly for the Dodgers, Stephen Holm just got optioned to Fresno so the Giants could call up a juicer fresh off a suspension. Some of the Trading Card History cards look really good in Chrome, some like this Pudge card do not. They really pick up the fingerprints too.

Pack 5
85 David Wright
C194 Mike Lowell Topps Heritage refractor 280/559
101 Randy Johnson Xfractor
12 Miguel Tejada

I'd have to say this is the pack of the box. Three legit stars and a Mike Lowell Heritage Refractor. Not too shabby.

Pack 6
61 Gil Meche
MMSC49 Mickey Mantle Story
MHRC470 Mickey Mantle Home Run 470
152 Ken Griffey Jr.

What on earth did I do to deserve this?!? Two Mantles in a pack, ugh. I shoulda got some Upper Deck instead. At least Griffey saves it from total oblivion.

Pack 7
121 Derek Jeter
C169 Adam "Not Pac-Man" Jones Topps Heritage #0523/1959
162 Gary Sheffield blue refractor
112 Carlos Guillen
Checklist 1

Blue refractors aren't listed on the pack but I don't think they're especially rare. They shore are purdy though!

Totals for the box:
15 base (6.8%)
3 refractors 1:3
2 Xfractors 1:3
1 Blue refractor no odds

2 Dick Perez 2:box
2 Trading Card History 1:4
1 50th Anniversary 1:9
1 Mantle Story 1:20
1 Mantle HR 1:12

1 Topps Heritage 1:15
1 Topps Heritage Refractor 1:41

Not even 7% of the base set means this isn't great for someone who want to build a set. If you like the shiny inserts though it's a fun break. Oh wait, I'm not reviewing this, so disregard that previous statement. I'm going to go stare deeply into my refractors now.

Bonus Contest!!!

I got a couple of doubles out of the box and I'm going to pass them on to you. The cards up for grabs are:

Base - Gil Meche, Geovany Soto and Derek Jeter

Refractor - Blake DeWitt RC

Dick Perez - Cameron Maybin

Mickey Mantle HR 470

First person to correctly answer this question in the comments gets 'em:

What pitcher gave up Mickey's 470th home run?

Put your answer in the comments, I'll check the answers tonight. Good luck...

Update: Reader Deal correctly stated Jim Kaat as the pitcher who gave up Mickey's 470th.


deal said...

How bout that multiple gold glove winner Jim Kaat?

Good non-review.

timrooks said...

I disagree. I think it was 283-game winner, 16-HR hitter Jim Kaat. The 16 gold gloves, all consecutive, are just a trivial side note.

dayf said...

Now that's the deal...

Shoot me an e-mail with an address deal and I'll mail 'em out tomorrow. I didn't know you had a blog, it's linked.

Sorry timrooks, if you would have mentioned "woefully ignored by the Hall voters Jim Kaat" you might have take the cards.

Motherscratcher said...

Joe Borowski?

Did I win?

Gellman said...

Actual comment on the post: Loving the new pics for chrome, some of the Topps regular pics were AWFUL.

thewritersjourney said...

Alas, too late for the contest. But that is a sweet looking Griffey. I refuse to buy packs of that garbage though. I'll just wait for the local card shop to sell it for 5x its value.

deal said...

Whooohoo!! I received the shiny chrome bounty and few bonus cards - Thanks!

I have a posting and some pix posted: