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Saturday, December 8, 2007

2007 Sweet Spot

OK, my mock news release was a little over the top, but you want to know what's really dangerous about 2007 Sweet Spot?

One Hundred and Twenty dollars for 6 cards.

That's right, six whole cards. That's 20 bucks a card. And you don't even get to pick 'em.

But hey, they're in a tin, right?


Tragik007 said...

Almost bought a tin today with a price tag of $119 but when I was looking at it the owner said to add $15 cause Upper Deck is recalling them and paying the store $150 a piece because of the whole fiasco with Buysner and *.

Too much risk for just 6 cards and possibly 1-2 redemptions in the box.

--David said...

Holy Crap! What switch in our (read, collectors') heads gets flipped to the OFF position so that we don't "see" the $100+ price tag?? Okay, we SEE it, we just ignore it. Or more like "glow-in-the-dark" (It's kinda there, but we're not sure if we really believe what we're seeing).

dayf said...

Upper Deck is offering $150 a tin in the recall? Ok, something really smells fishy now. "Sure kid, I'll let you buy this tin, but it's been recalled and it'll cost ya..."

I just don't understand what has been going on with cards recently. Sweet Spot is one of UD's premier brands, they don't NEED this kind of gimmick. This crap wasn't happening when Donruss had a license.

Then again, I keep getting e-mails starting "Hi, I haven't collected cards in 10 years but I just bought a box..." so maybe this shit is actually working...........