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Friday, December 28, 2007

EPIC Thread

Anyone out there who was fascinated (or horrified) by my insane Greg Maddux inserts from my 12 days of Cardmas post will be interested in this awesome thread from the Beckett Message boards. A member asked for opinions on the coolest insert set of the 90's, and a flood of images of the most obnoxious, flashy designs ever put to cardboard ensues. This is a great history lesson on the Golden Age of insert cards, before relics and autos pushed them aside. I need to go look though my old insert binders today to find a couple that can rival some of the beauties in that post.

Here's my humble contribution to the madness:

1996 Collector's Choice You Crash The Game contest card CG1 Chipper Jones

and 1996 Collector's Choice You Crash The Game winner card CR1 Chipper Jones

The winner card is not nearly as shiny as the contest card, but it is made of real wood glued onto clear see-thru plastic. Now that's a chase card.

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morineko said...

I completely lied about not having any turn-of-the-century Fabulous Shiny Inserts in my collection, BTW. I found a bunch of holographic and shiny crud that was put in as parallels and inserts into a 2000 set of Cardcaptors cards published by Upper Deck (another thing I'll get around to scanning.) I forgive it in a set aimed at eight-year-old girls, though. (The Japanese Cardcaptor Sakura trading card set from 1999 also had Shiny Inserts.)