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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Marquis Grissom's agent really needs to get Frank Wren on the phone

Javy Lopez is back home with the Braves, albeit as a non-roster invitee with a minor league contract. Now, the chances of Javy making the team are pretty slim, but it's still a nice story for mid-December. Brian McCann is the man in Bravoland and Javy is going to be trying to win a bench job. He's got to fight off Brayan Pena, Corky Miller and Clint Sammons and that's also assuming the Braves don't end up signing a vet like Damian Miller. It would be nice to see him make the team if for no other reason than I would get to hear my grandmother call him "Harvey Lopes" one more time. Javy would have to have a fantastic spring to earn a chance, as putting him on the club means someone else gets bumped from the 40 man roster. The most obvious skill Javy brings to the table is as a good bat on the bench, assuming he still has it. However, the only way he could be used as an effective pinch hitter is if a third catcher is on the bench and Bobby hates having more than two on the club. The Braves have been experimenting with making Brayan Pena (I'm bewildered they haven't given him a chance yet) a super sub, so there is a chance for Javy, but I'm not counting on it.

I see Corky or Brayan getting the backup spot, with UGA alum Clint Sammons with an outside shot. Clint is popping up as an MLB RC card in a lot of the early 2008 checklists, so when you bust that box of 2008 Topps and pull Clint now you'll know who the heck he is. You never know though... anything can happen in spring training down at Disney. Non roster invitees occasionally make good, Willie Harris came out of nowhere last year and had a hot start once he got called up, then saved a game against the Mets by stealing a Carlos Delgado homer. I'll be rooting for Javy though, as will about half the female population of Atlanta.

I'm dead serious about Grissom though. He never ever should have been traded from the Braves. Come on back Marquis, you're better than Josh Anderson.

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Anonymous said...

Grissom still resides in Georgia. Heck, if the Braves were able to keep Brian Jordan afloat those last two years then why not give Grissom a ST invite as well. I'm for it.