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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Left turn at AlbuqwirkE

It's all yours AlbuqwirkE, come and claim it.

Click on my profile to get my e-mail. I need these four from 2007 Allen & Ginter.

133 Carlos Gomez
191 Jeremy Hermida
219 Dan Uggla
295 Jake Peavy

If you don't have one of them don't sweat it, the card is yours anyway if it will complete your set. Anyone else needs a card to complete a set, shoot me an e-mail. I have a bunch of A&G, Goudey, Heritage ( I just got a bunch of 2003 Heritage doubles) and all the Topps you can handle. David at Indians Baseball Cards. Always has me in a giving mood today :)


Tragik007 said...

I will check to see if I have them when I get home, just in case.

AlbuqwirkE said...

My hero!

Thank you very much!

AlbuqwirkE said...

I also just realized that comparing Polanco's 07 A&G to the one from 06 is sorta like those exercises in the newspaper where you search for three or four things that are different in two drawings... only I'm not sure if there are that many differences in this case.

dayf said...

I noticed a couple of cards like that too, now that I come to think of it.