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Saturday, December 8, 2007

I don't wanna, but I gotta - 07 52 SP

I really am not interested at all in posting this because I hate Hate HATE this set for not using the 1953 design, but someone out there might need it so here it is, grudgingly.

The 2007 '52 Topps Rookies shortprint and variation list:

Short Prints:
202 John Nelson St. Louis Cardinals
208 Andy Cannizaro New York Yankees
209 Travis Chick Seattle Mariners
210 Francisco Cruceta Texas Rangers
211 Jose Diaz Kansas City Royals
212 Jeff Fiorentino Baltimore Orioles
213 Tim Gradoville Philadelphia Phillies
214 Kevin Hooper Detroit Tigers
215 Philip Humber New York Mets
216 Juan Lara Cleveland Indians
217 Mitch Maier Kansas City Royals
218 Juan Morillo Colorado Rockies
219 A.J. Murray Texas Rangers
220 Chris Narveson St. Louis Cardinals
221 Oswaldo Navarro Seattle Mariners

5 Troy Tulowitzki Colorado Rockies
20 Ryan Braun Milwaukee Brewers
30 Hunter Pence Houston Astros
50 Daisuke Matsuzaka Boston Red Sox
70 Delmon Young Tampa Bay Devil Rays
100 Hideki Okajima Boston Red Sox
130 Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants
150 Phil Hughes New York Yankees
170 Justin Upton Arizona Diamondbacks
190 Joba Chamberlain New York Yankees

The variation cards are short printed and can be distinguished from the commons by the pose. Common cards are portraits, while the short prints are action poses. You can see a photo of the Hunter Pence short print in the Beckett link above, I have a scan of the Justin Upton common card up in my '52 Rookies pack break from A Pack A Day in case you want to compare.

The short prints are seeded 1:6 packs (I assume that includes variation short prints as well) and there is also a black back variation (also in my A Pack A Day post, click on it already!) that also drops at 1:6. These are both Hobby odds, I'm not sure about retail. 25 short prints in a ~220 card set isn't too bad, it's only 15 if you don't bother with the variations. No short print Braves in there either, now I can pick up a Yunel Escobar rookie and any other Braves in the set cheap.

Why isn't this set using the 1953 design? Seriously, why? Haven't we all had enough of the '52 set for one lifetime? Can't we just dump it in the ocean once and for all like Sy Berger's high series boxes? Is this because Eisner owns the company now and I'm a die hard Looney Tunes fan? Why Topps, why have you hurt me so.....

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