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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cool Allen and Ginter Flags Link

Anyone who has bought more than a pack or two of Topps Allen & Ginter this year is sure to have pulled one of their Flags of All Nations cards. Topps did a really nice job with that set and they hold up well to the original set they are based on. Over on the Vintage Non-Sports Card Chat Board, there is an awesome post with images of almost every single card from the set including the 8 variations and 2 extremely rare Roumania and Corea cards. The only one missing is Austria, but the variation card is in the post.

If you like the Topps set, this is well worth a look as the originals look great. You probably won't find images of some of the rarities anywhere else either. There is also a webpage put together by board member Dan Calandriello with tons of galleries of vintage non sports sets. You could spend all week looking through those awesome classic sets. A warning though: if you click on any of these links know that this old stuff is fascinating and I guarantee you will see some cool things you have never, ever seen before. Don't blame me if you start reading that forum religiously and end up building a set of Goudey Indian Gum cards or a '50's Topps Spaceman set.

Looking through that set, I have to say I'm happy with my choice of Liberia for my type set. I like Ireland, Scotland and Egypt too. Ecuador is just flat out awesome, it looks like Mordor on that card. In the kindred spirit of exhibitionism, here's the first 15 Allen & Ginter cards from my type set in the order I got them. There's even three on here you haven't seen on this site before!

I didn't shrink the images, so for a closer look just click for huge 300 dpi JPG goodness.

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Jeff said...

Old Planter rules! All hail Old Planter!