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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cleveland Rocks

David in Arkansas and I have been swapping cards back and forth recently and he left a bunch of riddles in a blog post that would indicate what he was sending me. Here they are, plus my guess to the answers in the cards I received:

  • One should not "label" a couple of these
This riddle confused the hell out of me, even when I got the cards. Then I realized. A massive groan followed by golf claps for David. The Topps Debut card is especially cool, that's one of the few Poison Averys I don't have in my collection.
  • Would YOU accept the signature of a traitor?
Hell yeah! Bruce Benedict may not be the best catcher we ever had, but he sure did stick around a long time despite the Braves picking up bums like Rick Cerone, Ozzie Virgil and Jody Davis to replace him. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!
  • One gives new meaning to "Stinky Pete"
I'm not sure why David considers Pete Smith stinky, unless he's talking about his lifetime 47-71 record.
  • A couple of these guys sure are cheesey
Oddball cards rule! I know I know I have some Kraft standup cards, but I don't think I have either of these. I've got a ton of Glavine cards that I don't even know I have though, and if I have a double of Tommy, I'll have to stand one of them up and take a picture for posterity.
  • and perhaps E.T could have used a couple others
I don't know man, long distance is one thing, but when you start talking about light-years, I'm not sure twenty bucks is going to cover the connection charges. I sure don't have these already and it's nice to see a phone card that's actually licensed. No airbrushing the logos out for these cards.

The rest of the cards include a nice looking A&G card of Kelly Johnson, an '86 Donruss Gerald Perry, a '91 UD Jim Presley (the man who made it necessary to sign Terry Pendleton) and the very cool 1992 Donruss highlights card of the Braves combined no-hitter against the Astros. Cool stuff, David. You can trade with me anytime.


--David said...

I'll give you a 95 out of 100 on the quiz. The "Stinky Pete" is what cost ya... Now, you'll have to try and follow my (er, uh) logic here: The card features a player named Pete. Easy enough. So, the "Stinky" part? How about the emblem centrally located at the top-center? It's a PROSPECT card!! (Yes, I hear the moans from here!)

dayf said...

I'm still not following you, but then again I literally had to Google "Steve Avery labels" before I figured that one out. Give me time, it will probably dawn on me around 4am.

The Bruce Benedict card kicks major ass, I must say.

Offy said...

It's a "Grammer" thing.

dayf said...


I totally missed a pop culture reference. Me, the guy who associates a nineteenth century tobacco card of a fish with a scene from UHF. I am full of Fail.

Offy said...

Ah, red snapper. Very tasty.