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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bowman Heritage has the weirdest collation ever in the history of anything

I had always planned to buy some more Bowman Heritage eventually to help fill out the set and get some doubles for trading. The only question was to get some blasters now or wait till I could pick up a Hobby box later. After reading the comments stating how the blasters are apparently stuffed with relics and autos (one guy got 5 in five boxes!) I couldn't hold out any longer so I picked one up. No big hit in the box, but it did have a couple of really interesting things going on nonetheless so I thought I'd share.

I got quite a few stars including Vladdy, Pujols, A-Rod, Tim Hudson, Alex Gordon and I think my fourth or fifth Josh "just got caught masturbating" Hamilton rookie card. There were also three no sig SP's, John Danks, Jesus Flores and Delmon Young. Here's where the fun starts: Below is the list of Prospect cards I got, see if you can notice what they have in common:

BHP1 Thomas Fairchild
BHP3 Brett Campbell
BHP11 Tommy Hanson
BHP15 Greg Reynolds
BHP21 Reggie Corona
BHP31 Joshua Rodriguez
BHP33 Scott Lewis
BHP35 Michael Saunders
BHP41 Joe Ness
BHP45 Eric Young
BHP55 Mike Carp
BHP57 Emerson Frostad
BHP61 Raul Barron
BHP87 Devin Ivany
BHP89 Michael MacDonald
BHP95 Juan Miranda

Hmmm, there is something odd about this group of cards, what can it be... Oh wait, they are all odd numbers! This actually works for me, two thirds of the prospects I got in my hobby box were even numbered so it, um, evens out. It's still some goofy assed collation. Another strange thing concerning this set is that when I pulled my first card of Joe Ness, I was watching the movie You Me and Dupree. Someone out there will get it. All odd cards is kind of weird, but this next thing is just scary. Look closely at this scan of the rainbow foil cards I pulled and see if you can figure out what I found so crazy about this box.

Anyone see it? Beuller? Beuller? Here, take a closer look.

See any sigs? I don't. I got eight foils, and all of them were no signature variations. What the hell are the odds of that? I don't think they are short printed among the foil cards but still, that's not normal. I wish I could pull a box with all the Mantle Variations, I haven't gotten a single one of those yet. Has anyone else found anything weird in their box of Bowman Heritage? Post a comment!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the ignorant question, but what's a blaster? Is that another name for a wax pack? Thanks

dayf said...

A Blaster Box is one of those boxes you find at Wal-Mart or Target that has 8 packs for 20 bucks.

Anonymous said...

I bought a blaster recently with a sig AND a relic. And all eight foil cards were signature-free.

Rob said...

I've opened two hobby boxes and they both had two relics and two autos. Maybe that's a clue to the weird collation issues I've seen. Dayf -- it sounds like you've got the inverse issue as mine with the prospect cards. Let me know if you want to organize a trade.

Anonymous said...

I have been opening blasters that were hot too. At least one GU or auto per for three blasters. Email me if you want to trade anything.

BeeRad said...

I bought a blaster and got an auto. Then the next three blasters didn't yield any hits. The hobby box I opened contained 2 autos, 2 sigs and ALL foils were NO SIGS. It's brutal to put a prospects set together when all you get are odds. All my even prospects came from the hobby box. I have plenty of 07 Heritage and need prospects for my set. Let me know if anyone wants to trade.