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Monday, December 3, 2007

Look at the Sugar falling out of the sky!!!

Here's some Larry Munson to start off with, just because you need more Larry Munson.

Aw yeah, I'm feeing mighty good now. Well, my Dawgs aren't going to the BCS title game (#^$&% Tennessee) but I'm not that upset. The matchup I wanted to see last week was Georgia vs. Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl and that's exactly what we got! There is absolutely no way I'm complaining about a ten win season and a bowl game in New Orleans, especially in a year we lost to South Carolina. This actually ends up accomplishing three things I like a lot:

1) Georgia plays against the June Jones led Hawaii Warriors in the Sugar Bowl. The Dawgs play in Nawlins and they get to face an undefeated team led by one in a long line of horrific Falcon coaches. I do have to give June credit, he'd got a good thing going at Hawaii, but in Atlanta he's best known for fighting with Jeff George and helping push Brett Favre out the door. Read the last line of this article about the Favre trade and you'll know why I'm looking forward to seeing the Dawgs get a chance to beat up on his team in January.

2) Georgia is now the beloved underdawg. I don't have a big beef with how things shook out. If we beat Spurrier and the Gamecocks early in the season like we were supposed to, Ohio State is probably looking up at us right now. After the upsets happened yesterday and all the speculation started getting thrown out about who goes to the title game two things were being said about Georgia: a) They're the hottest team in the nation, they should be in b) They couldn't even win the SEC East, they have no business being in. The go-to argument we'll be listening to from all idiot sports pundits bashing the BCS over the next couple months will now be a) instead of b), especially if UGA beats Hawaii and LSU chokes. I'd much rather listen to how UGA was jobbed instead of how they suck and don't deserve to be there. (Maybe I should just quit listening to these terrible sports talk shows altogether) As much as I appreciate how rare it is to get a National Title shot, if you asked me what matchup I wanted last Friday I would have said Georgia-Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. Why should I be disappointed just because Mizzou and West Virginia suck?

3) The BCS looks absolutely awful, again. How cool would an 8-team playoff look right now featuring Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma, USC, Virginia Tech, Hawaii and whoever you think should get in among Missouri, Kansas and West Virginia. It would be fantastic, great matchups with huge ratings. The NCAA would have a license to print money and the fans would all be happy. Too bad it will never happen because the the upper level college muckety mucks are too set in their ways and don't want to risk all that money they get to skim off the top and pocket for themselves from crappy bowl matchups. Hooray for cronyism and institutional corruption!

So basically what I'm saying is it would have been nice to play Ohio State, but I'm happy where they are. I shall now express my joy with an awesome 1980 Topps June Jones card complete with brilliant 70's hair and an ancient looking third-stringer QB headset that looks like it was photochopped into the picture.


Bay Rat North West said...

Yeah. about that video. A little less of Tennessee in the future. How about Hershel running through Ole Miss or LSU.

dayf said...

Sorry man. Don't blame me, blame Bill Bates. This probably isn't the happiest video for Florida or Auburn fans either.

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