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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Allen Ginter Project: Card #12 - N14 General Government and State Capitol Buildings of the United States

Hrm. I guess I better post this card before the building on it goes up in flames like the rest of DC. I've actually got 20 A&G cards in hand so I'm woefully behind anyway. This card is from a pretty neat set featuring State Capitol buildings and major landmarks in Washington DC. I initially wanted to get the Georgia Capitol with the Golden Dome, but so far I haven't even seen one for sale. I settled on this one instead of the Treasury Building in DC.

I won this card at the same time as my Crazy Snake Lady from eBay seller As Time Goes By. Yep, I'm that far behind on these things. Turns out they're even more fun to buy than to write about. Who knew? This one cost me $9.50 which wasn't bad considering my $20 bid on the White House got totally blown out of the water. The back is a little rough but the front looks great. The gold border looks about as good as any of my T205's do and the lithograph is pretty spectacular. The street in front of the building looks like a swamp and I don't want to know why there are boulders in the road, but hey, it was the 1880's. I can always pick up the Georgia Capitol if anyone ever decides to sell theirs (these things seem to be a lot more scarce than all the birds and flags out there), but in the meantime the Treasury building serves as a good reminder to me about how much money I'm spending on these cards.


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The United States Capitol, often called Capitol Hill, is the seat of the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government.
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