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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

After two hundred and seventy six posts, Cardboard Junkie turns one year old today.

For anyone interested, this is the card that started me off on this crippling addiction. How I love it so.

I tried to find a video of Cracker's "Happy Birthday to Me", but I only found live performances that were incomplete or had terrible sound quality, so instead I guess we'll settle for Altered Images and the best song ever.

Here's to year number two... time for me to do some more writing...

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Wax Heaven said...

Happy Birthday to Cardjunk! I don't need to say it again but your blog and Steve G.'s are the two that challenge me to post as much as possible and with better quality.

Your 12 Days of Cardmas was the official post of the year! Congrats!